Online Photo Editing and Projects Made Easy with Fotor

One of my favorite hobbies is photography.  Whether I’m snapping photos for my blog or taking family photos, it is fun to capture moments and then transform my photos into something more professional and creative.  Fotor is a free service that puts online photo editing right at your finger tips.  It makes it easy for you not only to edit your photos but to create graphics for your website and create other virtual and printable projects like greeting cards, posters, and other media.

As a blogger, I often need to make a photo collage or design a printable or a graphic for my social media pages, and Fotor makes these types of projects very simple. If you are a more experienced designer, you can start from scratch with a blank canvas or for a quick job, use one of their templates to get started.

A Few Photo Editing Tools I Like

If you don’t have a lot of experience with photo editing or if you are in a hurry, Fotor has 1 Tap Enhancement feature.  Simply click it, and your photo will be enhanced in seconds, and for those of you who are experts at editing photos, Fotor has a number of features to help you manually improve the look of your photos.  I like using these:

  • Cropping  – It’s great for zooming in or cropping out unwanted objects.
  • Resizing – This is a necessity for my blog photos.
  • Brightness – My indoor photos always need a little brightening up.
  • Sharpness  – It helps to make those photos look nice and crisp.
  • Rotating – There’s nothing worse that taking the perfect photo, only to find it’s a bit crooked.  The rotating tool helps me straighten things out.

To show you a quick example, I used a recently pregnancy photo that I took.  You notice the original photo is very dark.  With the 1 Tap Enhance Tool, I was able to brighten and warm up the photo with a single click.  And in the third picture, I used manual editing tools to brighten the photo and make it a little more true to life in terms of color.

More Enhancements

If I’m doing family photos for printing or taking photos for someone else,  I sometimes like to use a few of “Beauty” enhancements as well.  I use blemish fix, teeth whitening, and the smoothing tool.  These tools help to make the picture look nice, clean and professional without actually making any major changes to a person’s looks or making the photo inauthentic.  And if you want to make drastic changes, you can actually enhance and add makeup.

Fotor’s application allows you to add text to photos, and you can also add stickers and frames.  These options are very helpful if you need to create unique banners and graphics or printables.

If you are thinking about getting in to photography and photo editing and are looking for a way to make your photos look more professional, take a look at Fotor.

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