Clean Air for a Healthier Pet-Friendly Home

pet-friendly home


Are your pets safe in your home? You probably already know that you need to keep harmful materials like cleaners stored where your animals can’t reach them. One of the most important things you must do to keep your pets happy and healthy is to provide clean air. You may not think about it, but the air you and your pets breathe inside the home every day can affect everyone’s health.

Performing regular maintenance on your heating and air conditioning systems is an effective way to create a healthy environment in your home. Find a trusted, local HVAC service provider that offers affordable maintenance plans. That way, you’ll know that your system will always provide clean, fresh air for you and your pets. Routine maintenance includes cleaning the ducts and changing filters. Ask your HVAC provider about air cleaners that continually circulate fresh air throughout your home. HEPA air cleaners can also remove allergens like pet dander from the air.

Other ways to create a pet healthy home include checking your landscaping and houseplants for any species that are poisonous to your four-legged friends. Household items you use every day can also hurt different animals that share your home. Did you know that non-stick cookware is unsafe for birds? Other common items like string and yarn should be kept away from dogs and cats. Taking some simple precautions can help you create a safe environment for all of your pets. Check out the following four steps to a pet-friendly home.

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