Turn Your Garage into a Yoga Studio

Yoga studios are calming, relaxing and mindful places. Professional studios utilize their entire space to create a state of Zen. It’s great if you want to leave your house. But what if you want to stay in the comfort of your home? Two words—garage studio.

Through thoughtful planning and organization, you’ll be able to walk into your garage-turned-Yoga studio in no time. Focus on these key points:

· Temperature

· Flooring

· Colour

· Lighting

· Equipment

Here’s what you’ll need to know to turn your garage into a beautiful, calming Yoga studio.

From Roof to Floor, In-between and More

Temperature: Find a level that allows you to comfortably flow through your exercises. Too hot of temperature and you risk physical exhaustion and dehydration. On the other side, too cold and your body can tense up and hinder flexibility. Pick a level that wakes up your muscles.

In order to achieve your ideal temperature, make sure the garage is secure from the inside out. Have the room properly insulated and dry walled, cracks filled and weather strips in case of openings around the garage door.

Flooring: This plays a big part in your level of comfort. Typically, you’d shop at an online fitness retailer, like Fitness Warehouse, for durable gym flooring. Just like that your Yoga floor should be able as durable to withstand the impact of your body. If budget is not a concern, hardwood would be the choice. Bamboo, on the other hand, is popular for creating a Zen-like experience.

If you’re looking for a more affordable option, look at reclaimed wood. Cork mats are also a cheaper option as they provide softer support and help reduce inside noise.

Color: This can impact the feeling of the room. Since Yoga provides calming and relaxing sensations, choose colours that’ll make you feel the same way. Light hues of cool greens and yellows, or warm whites are good choices to start with.

Lighting: Just like temperature, find a light balance that is comfortable for you. Want more of a one-with-nature effect? Opt for natural lighting. Looking for a more subdued lighting? Dim lights or scented ring candles will illuminate the space with minimal brightness.

Equipment Essentials

Although Yoga can be practiced with no equipment, you can use functional training equipment which can be beneficial in your practice. If you’re a beginner, there are many online personal training like Ultimate Performance sites to get some help and advice from.

Here’s a list of basic equipment that can aid you in proper technique and alignment:

· Yoga Mat: a Yoga essential offering support and comfort.

· Blocks: these can help with poses and your alignment.

· Blankets: can be used for support.

· Straps: great for those more difficult poses.

· Belt: ideal for developing flexibility for beginners.

Simple Décor Enhancers

Simple decorations will add an extra element to your in-garage Yoga studio. Look for simplistic items that give off a calming and welcoming vibe. But try not to over accessorize.

Small plants or some diffusers are great for opening up new senses within your Yoga practice. Floor pillows are great for decoration and useful to sit on for meditation. Full-length mirrors add a modern, useful look. Take a peak to correct your posture if need be.

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