7 Actionable Tips on How to Train Your Dog to Potty

One of the first things every dog owner encounters is dog’s need to pee all over the place. As soon as you bring a dog to your home, you can be certain that it will start peeing after just a few minutes.

Although this is really irritating and forces you to clean after it all the time, it is normal and within dog’s nature. You are the one that needs to facilitate the change. This can of course be done through a proper puppy potty training.

For most people this is nothing more than taking your dog out when it needs to pee or poo. However, there is much more behind the training. It is an interesting and precise process that builds dog’s discipline and affects everything else dog will do in its future life.

It is also very important for your relationship. Mistakes on owner’s behalf can cause your dog to be disobedient, stubborn or in some cases fearful. It all depends what you make out of it.

Puppy training basics

When it comes to dog training, you always have to start from fundamentals.

It is necessary to mention that potty training, like any other training, is actually a bonding process. It is something that is particular to dog owner and the dog and in most cases, it should be done by one person.

Later on, it is ok to allow other person to step in for walks but it is much easier if only one individual teaches the dog. Sometimes, when there is more than one owner, puppy can become confused especially if there are more than one command being used or if people have different gestures.

Potty training is really important for dog’s discipline as well. It creates hierarchy where you’re the master and your word needs to be obeyed. This will come into play later on if you wish to teach your dog some other types of training on top of this one. It is also important for dog’s behavior within the house or the yard.

Lastly, it is necessary to mention that this process is good for both hygiene (teaches dog where to pee and poo) as well as for teaching the dog to walk with you as you will likely walk it around. In fact, those two go hand in hand in first months.

So you can see, doing everything right is paramount in this case.

Actionable tips for potty training – learning about dog’s behavior

· Puppy will have to potty every morning after waking up. Make sure you’re ready and don’t let it wait for too long. Puppies have smaller bladders and can’t keep it inside for a longer period of time.

· Besides morning, puppy will have to potty in the evening before going to bed. Otherwise there is a high chance it will experience an accident during sleep.

· If a puppy has full bladder do not excite it. This will cause an accident.

· Dogs always have their favorite place to pee. They have strong sense of smell and they will always return to it. Make sure that is possible. You should always have a type of soil that the dog prefers nearby.

· Meals are very important for diet. Always give same portions during a meal and if the dog doesn’t finish it, make sure to remove it. This will allow you to monitor its metabolism and predict when it will poo.

· Puppy will sometimes pretend it needs to go out for a pee and instead, it only wishes to play. Recognize this and prevent it.

· If you’re going out during the evening or during some other time exclusively so that the dog can take care of the business, make sure this is obvious. Pull the dog back if it starts playing. It is necessary to set up limits.


  1. Great tips! When it comes to training our puppies, we gotta pay attention and do our best!

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