Stocking Up for Summer

This post is sponsored by Cottonelle, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

stocking up for summer

Summer is generally associated with kicking back and slowing down.  The kids are out of school, a lot of extracurricular activities and sports are on hiatus, and we have a break before we have to stock up on school clothes and supplies.  But when the kids are home of school and even the adults are taking a little time off for vacation, that means the house can turn into a hustling and bustling place.  For that reason it is very important to stock up on a number of essentials that you do not want to run out of when you have a houseful at home.

1. Toilet Paper – With kids home from school, you are certain to use more toilet paper during the summer time.  My family likes Cottonelle.  Its clean ripple texture make the product soft, yet strong, enabling you to get nice and clean and when you really want to stock up, I recommend Cottonelle Mega Rolls.

Cottonelle Mega Rolls are four times the size of single rolls.  That means that a package of 12 mega rolls equals 48 single rolls.  For me, this means the package will last longer, and the roll will not have to be changed as often.  That’s definitely a win-win!

You can find Cottonelle Mega Rolls and other Cottonelle products at your local Walmart. Just look for the specially marked packages to find your Mega rolls!

Cottonelle at Walmart

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Food and Snacks

2.  Food and Snacks – We always keep a lot of convenience foods and snacks on hand, and during the summer we need an even bigger stock.  It’s helpful to me if we have snacks on hand that kids can make themselves.  And then my actual cooking is usually limited to one meal a day.  I like to have plenty of cereal and sandwich making supplies, shake mixes, toaster pastries, crackers and chips.  And then in my freezer, we have things like pizza rolls, Hot Pockets, burritos, chicken fries, and chicken nuggets.

First Aid Health and Beauty

3. First Aid, Health, and Beauty – Summer is definitely a time when you don’t want to run out of first aid supplies or health and beauty items.  Important first aid items I like to keep on hand for summer include ice packs, band-aids, antibiotic ointment, anti-itch cream, pain relief cream, sunscreen and after-sun lotion.

I also like to keep plenty of over-the-counter medications on hand, especially pain relievers, stomach medicine, and cold & allergy medicine.   And with everyone doing summer activities, it’s a good idea to stock extra health and beauty items, especially soap, shampoo, body wash, shave gel, and razors.

Visit your local Walmart this week to stock up on all your summer must-haves, including Cottonelle Mega Rolls.

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