Feng Shui Living Room Decorating Ideas

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When it comes to feng shui, the main challenge of decorating a living room is creating a space that is both beautiful and practical but also has a strong and clean energy. If you want your living room to be beautiful but practical, you will need a bit of planning.

Here are some decorating ideas for luxury apartments Upper East Side residents, for example:

Clutter Free and Organized

A clean and organized living room is the foundation for good feng shui. If your space is full of clutter, it cannot have solid feng shui energy, because the two cannot coexist. If you need help clearing the clutter in your home, you should hire a professional interior designer.

Air and Light

When decorating any room in your house, you need to let in as much air and natural light as possible. Good quality light and air are the foundations for quality feng shui energy. If your living room only has a few windows, you should consider adding mirrors to bring in more light that is natural by creating reflections.

Moreover, you can layer your indoor lighting to add to the brightness of any room.

Practical Beauty

Creating a relaxed and welcoming space for children and adults to spend time in can be challenging. Although it is possible to create a beautiful living room, you might worry that your kids or pets will mess it up. This means that no matter how good your room looks, its feng shui will be off.

Living Room Color Scheme

Now that your living room is clutter free, has good quality light and air, and is organized, you should move on to feng shui decoration tips that are more specific. Because color is the expression of light and has a huge impact on mood, you should look at your color scheme. Moreover, each color expresses a certain feng shui element.

Use and Define the Bagua

Bagua refers to the energy map of a space. To create the best energy for your living room space, you should start by defining the bagua of your home. Once you define this area, you will have the clarity to choose the best shapes, materials, and colors based on the feng shui element that you need to support.

Materials and shapes

Just as you have to choose specific colors to create the best energy, you can choose specific decorating shapes to strengthen your desired feng shui energy. Each shape expresses a specific element, which means that you have to check the bagua of your space first. For instance, if you have a living room that faces north, you should go for wavy shapes that resemble the flow of water to create a great energy.

Watch for Balance

Although emphasizing the shapes and colors that are needed for feng shui is important, you should not avoid other shapes and colors completely. For instance, having an all-blue living room in your career area or an all-pink one in your love area is not a good idea. Feng shui is about harmony, health, and balance.

Best Living Room Arrangement

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If you live in Alameda, CA for example, your living room should stand out from the others in your neighborhood. You can do so by selecting the best furniture for your living room. The best arrangement is one where all your guests and family members can feel relaxed. You should leave enough breathing room for everyone and consider basic design principles.

You should create a good relationship between your furniture pieces by working with scale and proportion.


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