Brushing Your Hair Leaving You Frustrated?

Every young woman knows the importance of always looking your best. The dress needs to be just right. The shoes need to match the dress. A purse and other accessories need to go with the theme, but they are never to be the same color. And most importantly, if your hair doesn’t look good, you can wear anything you want, and it simply will not matter.  


While this can be strenuous for any girl, it was much worse for me during high school. My mother owned the most popular hair salon in town and I was used as a walking billboard. It didn’t stop with the way my hair was styled. Everything had to be perfect. Nails, makeup, clothes, sometimes I felt as though I needed to make sure I was walking the correct way.

Needless to say, being caught in public enjoying the comforts of sweats was never an option. I enjoyed the popularity. Looking back, all the pageants and beauty contests were great for my confidence. I felt like I could accomplish anything I set my mind to. Until a couple weeks before homecoming any way.

My hair was literally falling out

To this day, I am still not sure exactly what happened. About five weeks before homecoming, I noticed that a lot of my hair would fall out while I would brush it. It was almost as if I could watch my hair break off. I decided I would just keep the secret to myself. I didn’t even want to think about how my mom would react.

I was able to keep my mouth shut for about ten days. Every morning it would get worse and worse. It seemed like I would spend just as much time removing the hair that has fallen out from my brush as I would brushing. I had to do something. The big dance was starting to get closer and I started noticing the spots on my scalp where I was losing the most hair.

Finally, one evening as my mom was locking up the front of the salon, I broke down and told her about my problem. She asked me to brush my hair so she could see, as if I was making the whole thing up. With a few simple strokes, she was in shock. She took me straight back to the shampoo bowl and found what she called the perfect treatment for what was going on. After using the treatment for three days, the problem was just as bad as before.

Mom to the rescue

That’s when my mom had me start using a Keratin shampoo twice a day. I wasn’t able to notice the difference after a few days, but my mother insisted that I needed to keep using it anyway. This was going to be the answer to my problems. For the first time in a long time, I was thankful for her knowledge of hair treatments.


As the days continued to pass, less and less hair was falling out. I could actually feel the strength of my hair increasing each time I would brush. As homecoming started getting closer, my confidence began to return in the way I looked. I am proud to say, I was elected homecoming queen two years in a row. The first time it had ever been accomplished at my school.

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