5 Tips to Survive Cold Season + $25 Visa Giveaway

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Christmas is over, and it is time to get back to the grind stone and gear up for our new year.  One thing that can definitely put a stop to our productivity this winter is the cold and flu season. But never fear! We can survive!  Today I’ve got 5 simple tips to help you survive this year’s cold season, and we’ve got a $25 Visa gift card giveaway from our friends at Pfizer, the makers of Advil Cold & Sinus.

1. Advil Cold & Sinus – When cold and sinus pressure have you down, take Advil Cold & Sinus.  It is the #1 pharmacist recommended brand to treat your worst symptoms.  Its non-drowsy formula contains 200mg of ibuprofen to help relieve pain and reduce fever, plus the nasal decongestant pseudoephedrine.  The coated caplets are very easy to swallow, and the dosage makes the product easy and convenient to take, at just pill every 4 to 6 hours.


2. Essential Oils – There are a number of essential oils for congestion and oil blends that have antibacterial properties and may help to prevent sickness, as well as relieve your symptoms.  I use a blend called Purify by Eden’s Garden and Four Thieves by Botanicare. (You can also find equivalents to these products in other brands.)  I diffuse these oils to help kill germs and prevent odors in our home and to promote overall wellness.  And then I also use a blend called Breathe Easy by Gurunanda.  This is a great blend to diffuse when you are actually sick, because it helps to clear your head and help you to breathe better.


3. Stay Hydrated. It’s always important to get plenty of fluids, but this is especially true during the cold and flu season.  Drinking plenty of water helps us to maintain proper body temperature and it aids our metabolic processes and helps our body to function properly. And as your body fights to maintain a warm body temperature in the winter, it can lead to dehydration, which can cause exhaustion, muscle fatigue, cramps, loss of coordination.  You are also at a greater risk of dehydration when you have a cold.  The solution is to drink eight 8 ounce glasses of water today.  And if you struggle to drink enough water, try adding flavor packets or better yet, add electrolyte tablets to your water.



4. Multivitamins and Vitamin C – It is recommended that adults take a daily multivitamin to maintain health and wellness.  You should always consult your doctor to find out which multivitamin and what other supplements are right for you and your lifestyle.  Aside from a multivitamin, many people take on a Vitamin C supplement during the cold and flu season to prevent sickness.  One such supplement that I enjoy is Emergen-C.  It is a powder that fizzes in water, and it contains not only Vitamin C, but also other essential nutrients, 7 B vitamins, antioxidants, and electrolytes.

Hand Washing

5. Wash Hands – During cold and flu season it is very important that you wash your hands frequently. You should also keep hand sanitizer and santizing wipes on hand for when you are unable to wash hands. Also, whenever possible, you should avoid touching things that may be dirty and covered in bacteria and wash your hands after hand these items.  This includes door knobs and light switches, public bathroom areas, shopping carts, public doors, store counters, and money.


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  1. Nataly Carbonell says

    my pinterest username is fonduekiss, I think I entered only ‘fondue’ on the rafflecopter form. 🙂

  2. I learned that Advil® Cold & Sinus combines the relief of a strong decongestant to open your airways with the power of Advil® to relieve the pain commonly associated with sinus pressure.

  3. I learned NSAIDs, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, are a group of chemical compounds that often are chemically unrelated but share therapeutic actions such as analgesic (pain-relieving) and antipyretic (used to prevent or reduce fever) effects.

  4. Steve Weber says

    I learned that it relieves nasal congestion.

  5. Jillian Too says

    I learned that they have $1 off coupons for various Advil products on the site.

  6. I learned that ibuprofen can also ease aches and pains related to cold and allergies including headaches and sinus pain, and, as some studies suggest, ibuprofen is better for reducing fevers than acetaminophen.

  7. I learned that Advil® cold and allergy relief products combine decongestants and antihistamines to treat cold and allergy symptoms.

  8. I learned that Advil Coldand sinus would be the perfect medicine to help my head cold.

  9. I learned they have a Respiratory Relief Finder so you can pick the one that’s right for your symptoms.

  10. Nasal inflammation is often caused by the body’s response to what it identifies as a foreign agent.

  11. Janice Cooper says

    I learned that this product should not be taken with products that contain ibuprofen

  12. I learned that Advil also makes a product for allergy sinus relief! I had no idea and will definitely be trying this the next time my allergies flare up!

  13. Advil carries medicine to treat sinuses

  14. Sarah Mayer says

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  15. Susan Biddle says

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  16. i thought it was interesting that “many of the threats the body reacts to may be harmless. For instance, many of the viruses that cause common cold syndrome would cause little harm if left alone. However, our bodies have been engineered to remain on high alert at all times.” i’m glad my body is on high alert!

  17. Monica Kirkham says

    I learned that “Solubilized ibuprofen” is ibuprofen that has been completely dissolved in a liquid center inside a soft capsule shell.

  18. shelly peterson says

    I learned they have $1 off coupons on the site.


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