How Dryel Brings More Freedom to Your Laundry Routine

Disclosure: I am a Dryel Brand ambassador and have received free products and compensation for this post. The opinions are my own.


Last month I talked about Dryel, a product that allows you to do dry cleaning at home.  And today I’m going to talk about how this product brings more freedom to your laundry routine.

First of all, the product is a great one for young professionals and anyone who has to dress up frequently for work, church, or other social functions.  Let’s say you want to wear your favorite new dress to church this Sunday, but Tuesday night you are going to a dinner and want to wear the same outfit.  If it’s a dry clean only item, you are probably out of luck, unless you have Dryel.  In just minutes, Dryel will help you to fresh up your favorite dress so you will be all ready to wine and dine!  (And hey, this means you don’t have to spend an hour, staring at your closet, trying to pick out two outfits!)


This is also ideal for all the women out there who have men who like to wear the same clothes over and over.  My husband has a closet full of clothes, but whether he’s dressing up or going casual, he has certain “go to” shirts that are in constant rotation.  This means I’m washing 2 or 3 loads of clothes each week that are just his!  And I like to take especially good care of his dress clothes, so if he needs something rather quickly, this is a good way for me to have something ready for him in a hurry.

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And finally, Dryel is a must-have product for busy moms and especially busy moms who have kids in activities!  Our son was in marching band for a couple of years, and as a band mom, it was my job to make sure his uniform looked great for the games each week and great for any other events that came up in between.

If you’ve ever had a child in band, sports, or any other activity, you know it can be a challenge to keep things clean!  Imagine, if you will, a group of teenage kids, standing around in the Southern heat, in their white marching pants, and then marching out on to a fresh green field, as the dew is falling.  The uniforms get smelly, and yes, they get dirty.  Unfortunately, the uniforms are dry clean only, and not only do the kids have to wear them again the following week, but quiet often they had to wear them the next day day for a marching competition, or within a few days for a parade or concert event.  Most weeks week we simply didn’t have time to take the uniform to the cleaners; I believe we took it once or twice throughout the season.  For the rest of the time, I just had to get creative and freshen up the uniform on my own!

So if your child is in band, chorus, or other activities that require a dry-clean only outfit or uniform, Dryel is a product that will help you to help your kids be prepared for their activities and events.


With Dryel, you can save yourself a trip to the cleaners.  You can have an item of clothing ready for wear in minutes.  You save yourself a little money.  And you have to wait for days to get your clothes back!  It is a win-win for you and your laundry routine!



  1. This is the first I’ve heard of the product Dryel and yes I can relate to everything you mentioned in your article. I likewise have certain go to shirts or warm up bottoms that I like to wear but many times I don’t wear them as much because they require dry cleaning. With Dryel I can get more wear out of them and simply dry clean them myself. I like that, Thank you!

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