Get Rid of Spiders Naturally with Stay Away Spiders

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Along came a spider, Who sat down beside her, And frightened Miss Muffet away…

Are you like Miss Muffet and me?  Are spiders your arch nemesis?  Then today’s post is definitely for you!

Here in the South, we never really get a full break from pests like spiders.  And even though we have a professional who does pest control at our home each month, we still get a variety of spiders in our home.  I can squash the little ones with a shoe, but when I see bigger ones, it freaks me out! Today I’m sharing a product that I hope will keep the spiders, large and small, from coming around again! The product is called Stay Away Spiders, and it comes from EarthKind Natural Pest Prevention.


Unlike sprays that are made of nasty chemicals and seek to kill spiders you already have, Stay Away Spiders is an all natural product, designed to keep the spiders out!  The product itself looks like a sachet or tea bag,  and it contains plant fibers and essential oils (citronella, lemongrass, and rosemary).  The idea behind the product is that spiders like build their webs in places that are free of scent, and thus the scent of the product, while being pleasant to us, is a natural repellent to them.

Recommended places to use the product include basements, closets, attics, crawl spaces, and anywhere else you’d like to prevent spiders from entering.

Why I Recommend It

As someone who likes natural products and loves essential oils, I was so excited to try this product.  I see spiders most frequently in our bathroom and kitchen, so I’ve placed the products there. And I really like the smell of the product; it has a very fresh and clean smell to it.  And the product could easily double as an air freshener, especially in smaller spaces like your bathrooms and closets.  And all you have to do is set the product in a desired location, and replace it 30 to 60 days later (or whenever it loses its scent).

 Where to Buy

The product is currently available at your local Lowe’s and Ace Hardware Stores, or you may order it on Amazon. And they also have great products to help you get rid of other pests like rodents, moths, and ants.


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