Dry Cleaning at Home with Dryel

Disclosure: I am a brand ambassador for Dryel, and am receiving compensation for this post. The opinions are my own. dry-cleaning-at-home-with-dryel

Earlier this year I’ve talked a couple of times about the challenges of laundry and things that you can do to make this very important chore a lot easier for you.  Today I have another solution for you: Dryel At Home Dry Cleaner.  This product is an easy and affordable way to do dry cleaning at home.


When you shop for the product in stores, you’ll find a starter kit and a refill kit.  Your Starter Kit comes with a special fabric protection bag that you need to place your items in for cleaning, and it also comes with a bottle of booster spray and four Ultracleaning cloths.  After you’ve bought your starter kit, you can continue to buy the refill kits which include a bottle of booster spray and eight Ultracleaning cloths.


Here’s how it works.  Spray one to five items with the booster spray, and then place the items in the fabric protection bag. (Keep in mind that the bag should not be more than half full, in order for items to tumble freely.)

Then unfold the Dryel ULTRAcleaning cloth and add it to the fabric protection bag.  Zip the bag closed and place it in your dryer.  Tumble in the dryer for 15 minutes on medium heat to renew and refresh your items, or tumble for 30 minutes for a deeper clean.

After tumbling, immediately hang your garments to prevent wrinkles.  And that’s all! You’re one!


I think this product is a good item to have around the house.  Here are a just a few situations and applications where I think the product could be very useful to you:

  • You have a dry clean only item that you need to wear, and you have no time to get it to the cleaners before the event.
  • You wore something for just an hour or two, and it doesn’t really need to be washed but you’d like to freshen it up.
  • You have otherwise clean items that you’re taking out of storage that you’d like to freshen up.
  • It’s great for freshening up scarves, headbands, ties,
  • and other fashion accessories that are not machine washable.


And aside from their at home dry cleaning kits, Dryel makes an On-The-Go Stain Remover.  This is a product that I always like to carry around in my purse. Simply put, if you spill drinks, food, or anything else on your clothes, you just run the pen over the stain, and it instantly removes the stain like magic!

For more product information, check out Dryel At Home Dry Cleaner or purchase the product here.

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