Simplify Your Spring Cleaning: Tips & A Printable

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Simplify Your Spring Cleaning

Over the last couple of week’s we’ve been discussing spring cleaning.  This is a time when we go above and beyond our usual chores and take the time to make our home our castle!  Today I’m specifically going to focus on how to simplify your spring cleaning.  One key to simplifying is to make sure that you maintain a clean home everyday.  To help you do this, I have a free printable checklist for you.  Then I’ll have some product recommendations and tips to help you get your spring cleaning chores done.

Let’s start with the checklist. It includes a lot of little things you can do each day that will go a LONG way toward keeping your house clean so that you can avoid a lot of the stress that comes with a messy and cluttered house, and it can also help you to avoid what I like to call “marathon cleaning.”

Printable Checklist Preview

Download the Printable Here

I know a 2 page checklist seems like a lot for daily maintenance, but a lot of the tasks listed are literally 2-minute and 5-minute jobs.  You can also enlist the help of your family to do some of the items on the list, and many of the items are things are you probably already doing in your daily life.

Dusting Table

If you can keep your home fairly clean and clutter free using the items on the checklist list, then jumping in to spring cleaning, should be a breeze!

One spring cleaning task you should always take on is dusting!  When I was a kid, my mom kept a very neat house, and she always used Pledge® Lemon Clean Spray for all of her dusting.

To this day, I still use Pledge® Lemon Clean Spray in my own home.  In the picture above, I’m actually using it to dust our kitchen table, an antique which belonged to my mom!  But apart from continuing to use the Pledge® Lemon Clean SprayI’ve also branched out and am using other Pledge® products to clean our house.

Pledge at Kroger

Pledge® products are available at your local Kroger store in the cleaning section.  Here are a few of the items they have available:

Pledge not just a wood cleaner

For furniture polishing, I now like to use Pledge® Orange Clean Spray.  I enjoy this product because it has the same ability to dust and make things shine, but it has an orange scent that I love!  For best results, always clear off your surface completely before dusting, and always dust up high and work your way down.

Pledge® Lemon Clean Wipes are another great product.  They are great for trapping allergens, so if you’re working in an area that is very dusty, or if don’t like working with the spray on product and dry cloth, than this product is a good one for you.

During spring cleaning, you want to make sure that you take care of those little places that are often forgotten during your regular cleaning.  These include baseboards & trim work, window seals & frames, air vents, ceiling fan blades, and light fixtures.  The wipes would work especially great on all of these areas.

Cleaning with Pledge MultiSurface

Pledge® Multi Surface Everyday Cleaner with Glade® Rainshower® is another product that would work on all of those small areas listed above, and it works great for so many other areas and surfaces! Anytime I go on a cleaning spree around the house, I always have my multi surface cleaner and a cloth in hand. Pledge® Multi Surface is safe on wood, granite, metal, and glass, which means I can use it for all of my everyday cleaning, plus key jobs that are a part of my spring cleaning, such as cleaning the windows, wiping down our kitchen & bathroom cabinets, cleaning appliances, and wiping off the tvs, computers, lamps, picture frames, and other decor.  Oh!  And I also love to use it for spot cleaning on my floors in between moppings.


Now obviously I’ve listed a LOT of chores in the last few paragraphs (and I didn’t even come close to naming all the chores you could take on).  So how can you break it down and make it easier?

Again, if you keep up with the checklist I provided that will go a long way toward getting you started with spring cleaning.  It will certainly help out a lot with dusting, because over half the work of dusting involves removing objects from the surface you are about to dust (as well as dusting those objects.)

Apart from clearing clutter before you get started with a deep spring clean, I recommend making a plan or a list of tasks.  Once you know what you want to do, you can break it down and plan a strategy, whether that means you will be going room-to-room or chore-to-chore.

Finally, you can speed up the process by assigning yourself 5-minute and 15-minute cleaning sprees.  Just look over your chore list and say to yourself, for example, “I’m going to wipe down all the kitchen appliances in the next 5 minutes!”  Then set a timer and get to work.  Using a timer is a great strategy, because it gives you a sense of urgency, and thus, speeds up your process.  Breaking the work down in to tasks of 15 minutes or less also helps you to not get overwhelmed.

Lemon Pledge

Need more cleaning tips and strategies? Pledge® has great housekeeping tips and ideas for you!

And I’d love to hear from you!  Please leave a comment telling me a spring cleaning tip or daily cleaning tip.



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