Sharing a Sweet Future with Truvía®

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Back in 2014, I had the opportunity to learn about “Sharing a Sweet Future,” and I shared it with my readers here on the blog and social media.  I enjoy sharing stories like this, because I think it’s great to see companies doing charitable work, and of course, I always welcome the chance to partner with a program that is help children.

Sharing a Sweet Future is a three-year partnership between Truvía® and the United Nations World Food Programme.  The initiative began in 2012 with a goal to fight hunger in Bolivia, and child hunger in particular.

Why Bolivia?  Bolivia was chosen because nearly 40 percent of its population cannot afford adequate food and 65 percent of all rural households cannot afford the minimum recommended caloric intake.


Fortunately, with the help of Truvía® nearly $1 million has been raised.  As a result, school children have daily breakfast and lunch at school, which provide a well-balanced diet.  Serving these meals at the schools is ideal, as many of the rural children have to walk up to three hours to get to their school, and without these meals, they would not be able to continue their studies.

Many of the ingredients used for these meals are also locally sourced, which helps farmers who are also living in poverty.



Another portion of the program is training.  The Bolivians are taught how to build, maintain, and cook with safe and more efficient stoves.  (The stoves also help to eliminate smoke from the homes and reduce the amount of firewood needed for homes, making the cooking process easier on the mothers.)

This infographic shows a number of stats and other information, detailing just how much good Sharing a Sweet Future has done in the last three years. For example, 258 energy efficient stoves have been installed, over 67,000 Bolivian children have seen an improvement in school meals, and the Bolivians have been supplied with 130 metric tons of fortified vegetable oil, which helps them to cook 2 school meals per day.  This oil is a key part of the program, as it has the highest level of Vitamin A nutrients and micronutrients to combat malnutrition.

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Want to know more about the Sharing a Sweet Future initiative and the work that Truvia® is doing with the World Food Programme? You can learn more here.

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