Eating Healthier – The Perfect BBQ

Grilled Chicken

With so many of us focused on better living and a healthier lifestyle, we have become more aware of the need to enjoy a more balanced diet. Reduced fat this, low cholesterol that, organic, free range or no added sugar, the list goes on. All of these options are being used on food labels to market and promote a healthier way of eating.

A better idea, is to simply cook our food in a way which is healthier. One of these ways is very traditional, one that you probably already know. It brings us and nature together and allows us to have fun with friends and family outdoors – the barbecue or BBQ for short!

Choosing the right food to cook at your BBQ

The right cut of meat is one way of reducing fat content, especially in things like sausages. When selecting your meat choose chicken breast or tenderloins over wings or thighs, as well as lean steaks.

If you make your own burger patties, use extra lean minced meat to ensure a lower fat content. Try to avoid high fat content sausages. Despite being heavily laden with fat, they also tend to make the BBQ smoke more and increase the chances of BBQ ‘flare ups’ (when fat is exposed to high temperatures, like an open flame). It is also a good idea to add more seafood to the list of BBQ grilled food. Prawns, calamari or white fish fillets are great cooked on the grill, and have lower calories than a lot of meats. See more other recipes that you can cook with seafood to serve to your guests. Cooking vegetables on the grill are also a great addition, and the added aroma will be an interesting sensation for the taste buds.

Fewer Sauces and More Greens!

The more traditional heavyweights such as potato, coleslaw or even pasta salads are packed with carbohydrates and / or fat. Try to add an interesting range of green leaf salads, with a mixture of different types of lettuce. Or, even go for something like beetroot, or green bean salads. Green leafy salads and lettuce are packed full of vitamins and precious minerals, which are healthy for you.

Barbecues are normally awash with different types of sauces that are also packed full of sugars and carbs. Try to create some simple dressings with extra virgin olive oil or lemon, which will enhance the flavours but also help with digestion.

Be Safe!

There are many unfortunate accidents when lighting or handling a barbecue. To reduce this risk, we suggest that you place your barbecue in a safe place before you even begin. The barbecue is normally the focal point of any gathering, but remember fires can start in a split second.

Make sure you set your BBQ up on a level ground and away from bushes, plants or anything combustible.

When you are lighting your barbecue, be sure to have an extinguisher handy, and try to use prepackaged lighting aids to avoid spraying flammable liquids onto naked flames. Many incidents are caused by flash flames, through the use of the wrong type of lighting fuel. A barbecue is supposed to be fun – practice being safe and this can avoid any incidents.

The right grill for you!

Choosing the right type of barbecue to sit with your outdoor furniture is something else you may want to consider. These days there are many new types of grill on the market that use different types of fuel.

If you are thinking of planning a summer barbecue perhaps now is the time to shop online and check out some of the latest ranges on offer.


  1. All good tips! Hubby grills every Saturday and it is the highlight of my long day at work to come home to something grilled and wonderful!

  2. hi the tips are wonderful,nowadays health food become more important,i am glad to see your post thanks for sharing..

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