Chili Tacos and Game Time with Progresso Chili

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Game time with progresso Chili

We’ve been watching some big games on tv, and there are still a few more big one to go!  And with the winter weather finally upon us, there’s no better time to celebrate game night with a nice bowl of Progresso Chili.  Stews and chilis are some of my favorite comfort foods, and that’s just one reason I love serving them for game night!  They are also foods that you can serve to most anyone, and if more people show up to your get together, there’s usually enough to go around!

Progresso Chili comes in convenient pouches and can be whipped up in minutes using your microwave or stove stop. And they are thick and feature large chunks of meat and beans!  It’s a great way to to dine on a dime! It’s also goes great on a buffet of appetizers and other game night foods, and is the perfect take along item for pot lucks!

You can also use your Progresso Chili to make delicious recipe. Consider mixing in your favorite cheese, for an ultimate Chili Cheese Dip!  Or layer the chili with other ingredients like sour cream, lettuce, and cheese to make a delicious layered dip!

Chili Tacos

You can also use Progress Chili to make Chili Tacos!  My family LOVES tacos, and this is a really great way to change up your usual taco dinner!

Just gather up some hard or soft tortilla shells and your favorite taco toppings.  Then use your chili in place of your usual taco meat, and voila! Delicious Chili Tacos!

In my sample here, I’ve added a layer of sour cream to my corn tortillas.  Then I added my Progresso Chili and just topped it with cheese!  The chili already has large chunks of tomato and pepper, so you’re covered with those toppings already.  And other great options you may want to add  include lettuce and perhaps some sauce if you are in to a lot of spice!

Chili Taco Recipe

Do you have any quick recipes you enjoy for game day?  Do you have a creative idea for using Progresso chili and other Progresso products in your cooking?  I’d love to hear your ideas!  Please comment on this post.


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