Healthier Eating with the Rosewill Air Fryer

Disclosure: I received a free product from Rosewill to facilitate this post. The opinions are my own.

Rosewill airfryer

If healthier eating is on your list of goals for the New Year, then today’s post is a must-read!

My whole family loves fried food, but when I can bake something and it’s almost just as good, I’ve always preferred to do that….it means there’s less mess; it means I don’t have to stand over a pot or pan of hot grease; etc.  But now, I’ve got a way to fry without the grease!  It’s my new Rosewill Air Fryer!

I’ve wanted an air fryer ever since I first learned about them, and finally I got one this month!  Woohoo!

Here’s why I love it:

  1. It’s a time saver!  Not only is the cook time decreased, but there’s also no extra time needed to pre-heat!
  2. Healthier.  You cook in the airfryer without oil, which means anything you fry will automatically be healthier.
  3. Less Mess.  Because there’s no oil or grease, clean up is a breeze!  Just give the inside a nice wipe down, and you’re good to go!
  4. It’s easy!  You literally pour your food in the basket, set your temperature and time, and you are off!
  5. No more heating up the house with a hot oven!

Chicken Fries

My husband is also infatuated with the air fryer.  We’ve only had the machine for a few weeks, and we’ve already used it many times.  We’ve cooked up some fries, a hot ham & cheese sandwich, and even some eggs!  But what I’m really excited is how easy and quick it is for us to cook our son’s snacks.  He practically lives on pizza rolls and chicken fries!

When I bake his chicken fries, they take 15 minutes to bake, plus another 10 minutes or so for the oven to preheat.  But with the air fryer, I do not have to preheat, and it only takes about 10 minutes to cook the chicken fries!  It basically cuts my cooking time in half!  And his chicken fries come out way more crispy than they do in the oven, so now he loves them even more!


So the Rosewill Air Fryer is definitely my first tip for healthier living (and tasty eating) in 2016!  And I’m sure I’ll be utilizing the air fryer for some future recipes that I’ll be sharing here, so stay tuned for that!



  1. This dish are my very favourite food of all time. Yours look amazing! YUM! Thanks for sharing this tasty recipe! I cant wait to try it!
    That’s amazing! Everyone loves fried foods, but they’re just so bad for you and i hate the greasiness. I would love to try this product, especially if foods taste just as good.
    This could be revolutionary!

  2. My Phillips XL packed up recently so I on the look out for a new one. I’ve also been thinking about the Rosewill and those chicken fries look so good I think you’ve made my mind up. Off to grab my husband’s credit card!

  3. The Rosewill Air Fryer is very essential for healthier eating.I like this product

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