Easy Home Makeover Projects: Stenciling Your Kitchen

Stenciling is among the cost-effective and a creative home improvement technique. It can work with any décor from contemporary to traditional. It can also be used on a variety of surfaces including the walls. Stencils are particularly ideal for a kitchen where you may not have adequate space to hang artwork, photos, and other decorative elements. Here are some stencilling tips that can help give your kitchen a dramatic look.

Spruce Up Kitchen Furniture

Easy Home Makeover

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A stencil design can give your shabby kitchen cabinets and furniture an instant makeover. If yours is a themed kitchen, you can consider adding stencils to the centre of the cabinet doors with imaginative shapes, like yachts for a beach theme.

If your preference is for a more urbane look, you can go for stencils that bring about the illusion of carved details to make your cabinets appear like they are custom-made. You can even opt for a trendy stencil design with animal print on the center panels of your cabinet.

For the kitchen table, you can use a large stencil such as a colourful bowl of fruit at the centre of the surface to spice it up. Stencilling the entire table-top with a pattern could also work well. How about you try a mini brocade stencil to transform your kitchen table for a more chic look?

Create an Eye-catching Border

You may have traditional walls or a partition that you have no idea of what to do with it. Stencils can add an attractive border to enhance the look of your kitchen. It perfectly works well with a small kitchen that has no much room available for hanging decorative objects.

You can go for a food-related stencil for your border, like fruit or wine bottles. For a more elegant look, you can opt for a flowering vine or a Victorian-inspired pattern. Conventionally, a border should go at the top of a wall. But, you can also stencil the patterns on the bottom of visible walls.

Spice Up Backsplash

Home Makeover

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Using stencils for your kitchen backsplash is a cheaper alternative to glass, ceramic tile, or stainless steel; all of which can be very expensive. To achieve the look of real tile on a budget, you can go for stencils that bring about a faux tile look. With stencils, you can easily customize the look of your backsplash.

You can use honeycomb or mosaic pattern for an outstanding, elegant backsplash. You can as well go super-modern with an animal print or chevron backsplash. Lastly, you can apply urethane coating or vanish to protect your art.

Build Feature Wall

If you have a bare wall in the kitchen, stencils are an excellent way to dress it up, and also create a feature wall. You can make use of the wall behind the kitchen table or the breakfast nook for such type of accent.

Stencils that give out an all over pattern, such as chain-link or damask design are ideal for a feature wall. Furthermore, you can choose to make a fresco for the feature wall. Using a stencil, you can also paint a false window on the wall to bring about an illusion of a natural light. You can also stencil outdoor scenery with vegetation in the distance to give the illusion of a larger space.

With stencils, you can enhance your home décor by painting detailed designs on a wide variety of surfaces, even without any artistic skills. If you are considering a more intensive kitchen makeover, you can contract a reputable company like Joel & Co. Construction.

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