Saving My Sinks with Clorox® ThickCling™

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Saving My Sinks with Clorox

What do you for every day messes?  What about those huge, not-so-every day messes?  Clorox® has been a trusted name in the cleaning world for years.  Clorox® can be your best friend when it comes to cleaning bathrooms, floors, and other areas that need a little elbow grease.  For this reason, I keep quite a few of their products around my house at all times.  and I’m always interested to hear about their latest products.  One of the newest products from Clorox® is Clorox® ThickCling™.

Clorox® ThickCling™ is a colored, thick gel bleach.  It’s different from traditional bleach cleaners in that you don’t have to go through the step of dillution. (This is a huge plus for me.  I hate mixing up cleaners!)

The bleach’s blue color also allows you to see exactly where the bleach has been poured, and the gel coats and sticks to the surfaces you are cleaning. No run off!  This allows the product to work itself in, cleaning the mess and killing germs. Then you just rinse off.  No hard scrubbing!  I, for one, hate scrubbing, so anything  that gives me less work to do is a life saver (and a time a saver too!).

Clorox in Store

Clorox® ThickCling™ is now available at Walmart. I found it, alongside other Clorox® products in the LAUNDRY aisle.  You can also order the product online at

House Makeover

This summer my husband and I have been a number of household projects, including painting the front porch area of our house and building new flower beds.  The flower beds are built; we have new steps, and we’ve painted our porch floor, door, shutters, rails, and trim. (Our shutters went from a faded light grey to this awesome crimson color!)  Now I just have to paint our posts, put down some bark in our flower beds, and add a few of accent pieces to the mix! Yay!

 As you know, any time you take on a lot of home improvement projects, it usually leads to things looking worse before they look better. (i.e. – We have paint cans and tools everywhere right now.)


Unfortunately, we’ve also managed to bring the outside in, in form the of paint in the sink from where we washed our hands and paintbrushes, and yes, even a few drops of paint on the floor.  Ah!

Dirty Bathroom Sink

I used Clorox® ThickCling™ to clean our kitchen sink and bathroom sink.  A little paint could potentially ruin a good sink, but Clorox® ThickCling™ helped me to clean both sinks with virtually no effort at all.  Take a look at this AFTER shot of my bathroom sink (versus the before picture above):

Clean Sink with Clorox

 I just poured the product on as directed, waited about a minute or two for the product to work in.  And then I rinsed it off!  No more paint!  And the sinks came out so shiny.  Meanwhile, we managed to get red paint and some dark wood stain in our kitchen sink.  Here’s the before and after pictures:

Kitchen Sink Before and After

I know if it would work on this job, it would work wonders of every day cleaning jobs.

What do you think of this new product from Clorox®?  How would you work it in to your cleaning routine?

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