6 Little Tips to Help You Achieve Health & Fitness Goals This Winter

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6 Little Tips To Help You Achieve Health & Fitness Goals This Winter

With cooler weather here and more on the way, it can be difficult to stay on task with work and other goals, particularly health and fitness goals.  But as with all things, I find where there’s a will, there’s a way!  Are you one of those people who finds yourself struggling with time management?  Do you think to yourself, “How can I possibly find the time to work out?  How can I find the time to eat healthy?”  Today we’re going to toss all those negative thoughts aside and talk about little things that you can do this winter that will help you go along way toward achieving your health and fitness goals, not matter what kind of weather you’re facing and what you have on your plate!

Goodnessknows® Snack Squares

  1. Find convenient, yet healthy foods to eat and snack on.  When I’m busy, eating is all about fast convenience.  But fast convenience doesn’t have to mean unhealthy!  There are so many healthy choices on the market these days, that is easy for us to find foods that are not only convenient, but also something that is delicious and appealing to us.  goodnessknows® snack squares a great example of this!

goodness knows at walmart

I recently attended a demo where I was able to sample goodnessknows® snack squares!  They were so delicious, I just had to purchase some.  You can find them conveniently located beside the registers with other snack items. Walmart even has a printable coupon that will save you 50 cents on any two packs! (Available while supplies last.)

Goodness Knows Squares

Made with real fruit, dark chocolate and whole nuts in bite-size portions, goodnessknows® snack squares is one of those little things that you can enjoy without feeling guilty!

You can find the snack squares in 3 delicious varieties:

  • goodsknows® Cranberry, Almond, Dark Chocolate
  • goodnessknows® Apple, Almond & Peanut, Dark Chocolate
  • goodnessknows® Peach & Cherry, Almond, Dark Chocolate

Work Out Go Pack

2.  Make the most of “down time” to achieve your fitness goals.  If you think you don’t have time to get a work out in, think again!  If you can set aside just 10 to 15 minutes a day for a work out that will go a long way toward living a healthier life.

Do you spend 30 minutes in the car line at school each day before school even lets out? Do you ever finish your shopping and errands and find you have time to kill? If so, that is time that you could be taking a quick walk around the block or the park.

You could also lift small weights or do light exercises at your desk while you read or check emails.  Wearing leg weights while you clean the house, is a another little something extra you could do!

3.  Always have a workout go-pack handy!  If you do find yourself out and about with time to kill, a workout go-pack is essential!  Whether you’re going to the gym or just take a walk around park, it’s good to have a bag with things like a water bottle, hair tie, towel, walking/workout shoes, snack, earbuds, and more!

Business to Workout Ready Attire

4. Wear clothes that can easily convert to work out clothes.  These days everyone is wearing comfy jeans and yoga pants that look just as great for taking a walk or working out as they do for going shopping or out to lunch.  Wear your cute, yet comfy pants with multiple layered tops so you can easily change your outfit to go from restaurant fabulous to work out ready.  Above I wore some cute yoga pants with a nice navy sweater (a spaghetti strap top is underneath).  To become workout ready, I just swap out the sweater for a hoodie.

Better yet, if you’re just doing the shopping…embrace the yoga pants and hoodie…it’s an all purpose outfit!

You can find great stylish gym gear guide which work well as general clothes or working out clothes at civilizedhealth.com.

Workout Buddy Dog

5.  Work out with a friend or a pet.  Whether you’re at work or play, it’s always more fun when a friend is with you.  When it comes to health and fitness, this is especially true.  If you need a little extra motivation, call on a friend, relative, or spouse, and if all else fails, call on your furry best friend!  The little girl in the picture above always give me quite a work out when we go outside!

6. Find activities you enjoy. When you do something you enjoy, fitness is always fun!  Chasing my dog gives me quite a work out, and yet it never feels like work! I also enjoy bike riding or walking with my husband, and we also enjoy playing party video games.  (You know, the ones where you actually have to get up and perform the actions or do the dance moves.)

goodness knows

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What “little things” do you do to live a healthier lifestyle? How do you go from goodness to greatness? Tell us by commenting on this post!


  1. It really is one of the cruel truths of the world that the time when you should really be trying to get into shape (during the winter, so you’re ready and looking good for the summer) is also the hardest time to actually exercise, either because running in the snow and cold is no fun, or simply because driving to the gym when the weather is lousy sucks too.

    You’ve gotta really want it to stick with it. Especially with all the temptations of the holidays…

  2. Samantha K says

    Great tips! Keeping a workout go-pack in my car and by the front door is very helpful for me! (client)

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