Bathroom Organization with Quilted Northern Ultra Soft & Strong®

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When the fall season rolls around, I love to do fall cleaning.  Just as with spring, for me this is one of the best times to  declutter and organize….out with the old, in with the new!  Recently I cleaned my bathroom from top to bottom!

Today I’m going to share some important steps and tips to decluttering and organizing your bathroom cabinets.

Bathroom Organization with Quilted Norther Ultra Soft and Strong

As you’ll see below, one thing I’ve recently done in our bathroom is to take out some old plastic drawers.  I couldn’t believe the difference in before and after.  It looks so neat and clean!  Now when you walk in, all you see is a basket of Quilted Northern Ultra Soft & Strong® Bath Tissue.

When I was growing up Quilted Northern was all my mom ever used, so of course I love to use it as well!  And my mom and I aren’t the only ones.  Quilted Northern is a trusted brand that has been around for over a hundred years!  And now Quilted Northern Ultra Soft & Strong® with Cleanstretch® toilet paper is designed not only for softness and comfort but also for strength and flexibility.  (This means no more ripping and separation.)  And it’s also septic and sewer safe.

And apart from your personal use, this bath tissue is also great for when you need to do quick bathroom wipe down and cleanup before company comes over.

Quilted Norther at Walmart

I shopped for Quilted Northern Ultra Soft & Strong® Bath Tissue at Walmart.  You can always find it near the back of the store on the grocery side, and my store currently has this center display for the 24 double roll package!

Now let’s talk a tutorial and tips on decluttering and organizing your bathroom!

  1.  When you start to declutter and organize, the first thing I like to do is remove everything from my cabinets.  This will allow you to get a cloth and wipe out your cabinet and drawers and it will help you to do a good inventory of what you have.
  2. Sort your items in to organization piles.  I like to do a pile for hair care items, a pile for skin care items, etc.  If you share a bathroom, you may also want to do piles for individuals.  And you should also have a DISCARD pile. Discarding is essential to decluttering!  I always like to have a trash can handy to throw certain items away, as well as a box where I can put things that I’m going to give away to family members or donate, and a third pile for items I plan on removing from the cabinet but plan on placing in another location in the house.
  3. Once you’ve created your piles you can put everything back inside your cabinets.  Keep things organized by putting related items beside each other.  As you put related items together, you may also want to use the “divide & conquer method” in your cabinets, placing like items together in a single basket or container.
  4. You should also keep the items you use most in the front of your cabinet and drawer and easily accessible.
  5. Extra items you aren’t currently using and items you rarely use should be stored in the back of your cabinet, on a high shelf, or in an alternate location in your home if possible.
  6. You should also try to arrange things with as few rows as possible, so that you’ll be able to read all labels and won’t have to worry about knocking things over in the front because you need something from the back.

I’ve elaborated on these tips and given some of my personal examples below!

Bathroom Declutter

Decluttering is key when it comes to having a clean and organized bathroom. You should get rid of expired items, things you’ll never use, and nearly empty containers.

One thing you should know about my house is that we have 1.5 baths, and the the main bathroom where the shower is, is also the bathroom that guests use, and incidentally there are no drawers, so we struggle to have places where we can store and set stuff without it being a big mess!

But I’ve pretty much solved this problem!  First of all, I’ve always done my hair and makeup in the half bath, so that takes away a lot of potential clutter.  We also keep only a couple of things out on the sink the main bathroom (just hand soap and Noah’s toothbrushing stuff, because he gets ready in the main bathroom).  And I always keep our shower curtain closed, which adds a lot of color an nice atmosphere to the room.

And here’s a biggie!  I recently took these little plastic drawers OUT of the bathroom completely.  I realized everything in them was extra items (like extra bars of soap, razors, etc)  and items that rarely get used (like first aid items).  And I’ve now placed these in a different room.  They are out of the way.  The bathroom looks nicer. (When you walk in, now you just see our toilet paper basket!)  AND we can still use the items inside anytime the need arises.

Top Bathroom Cabinet

In our main bathroom, we have a built in cabinet with three sections.  The above picture is what the top section looks like.  I keep towels here, because it’s right at eye level for me.  And then for the very top shelf, I put more of those items we don’t use a lot.  (Think sunscreens, bug repellants, bathsalts.)  While these are all important items, I don’t use them every day, and I see no reason to have them in my main cabinet taking up space.  So I’ve placed them out of the way.


My Essentials Cabinet Organization

The center section of a the cabinet is a single shelf with a pull down door, and this is where I keep MY bathroom essentials.  Recently I had a lot of “extra” essentials which I’ve now removed.  Why?  For one thing, I like to be able to look in my cabinet and SEE EVERYTHING.  Secondly, I’ve realized that while I like to have an extra/alternate shampoo, body wash, etc in my bathroom, I don’t need a lot of extras…..just ONE or two at most.

So my essentials cabinet now has a shampoo & conditioner, body wash, facial cleanser, a cup with extra razors, extra contact lenses, deodorant, maxi pads & liners, and my hair applicances: hair dryer, flat iron, curling iron, and rollers.

Man Cabinet Organization

Then we have the lower cabinet, which houses the “man shelf” as well as another shelf for towels and all of our extra toilet paper and bathroom cleaners (not shown in this post).

I didn’t do a lot of work on the man shelf here, because a couple of months ago, this shelf had EVEN MORE stuff on it, which I’ve already given away or thrown away, and I forgot to take pictures that day. (Oops!)  And during my most recent clean up, my husband wouldn’t really let me take many other things out, so I mostly just organized, placing related items beside eat other and made it where you can see everything a bit better.

But before this organization project, we had a lot of extra shampoos which have been placed in alternate locations in the house or given away to people who will use them.

My Bathroom Cabinet

Next we move on to the half bath.  This is where I do my hair and makeup, and because it’s a small bathroom, I just have one cabinet over the toilet.  Here I was able to get rid of several “almost empty” tubes and bottles.  Then I organized, placing related items together and almost creating a single row of stuff.

Skincare Makeup Organization

And then the lower shelf of this cabinet houses my skincare and make up stuff.  Once again, here I was able to discard a few nearly empty containers, and I found items to give away.

Make-Up Organization

I even got rid of some extra makeup that I knew I’d never use.  I already got rid of most of my cosmetics a year ago.  I had a lot of review products and other things that I bought and didn’t like or didn’t realize use, and I was able to sale some of those in our yard sale, and then I gave other products to family members.  And then I was also able to trash a lot of old products.

Nowadays I try to only keep makeup that I know I will use  And even though I did a major decluttering last year, yet again I was able to find more items to throw out.  It’s amazing!

Quilted Norther Ultra Soft and Strong
Got an organizing tip to share? I’d love to hear it! Please tell us in the comments. And as you’re cleaning up this fall, don’t forget to stock up on toilet paper at Walmart.



  1. These are GREAT tips!!! Our bathroom is a mess with so much stuff we don’t use! I need to declutter and purge all the extra stuff! #client

  2. My bathroom needs some organizing.

  3. Great tips! Thanks for sharing them all. I don’t really have any that you didn’t cover. I really love these ideas and hope to start organizing better.

  4. I’m afraid I don’t have a tip. I need tips and definitely need to use them.

  5. Leigh Anne Borders says

    I just spent my day doing this;) While I hate cleaning, it makes me feel good to know my things are decluttered now.

  6. Oh those are some great tips! I need to declutter and organize my bathroom!

  7. Stacey Roberson says

    It’s definitely difficult to organize a small bathroom. Not enough space, and too much clutter. This is the problem we have in our bathrooms. Great tips!

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