Banana Pudding Go-Paks + Wicked Good Treat Bag Printable and Tutorial

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Over the last few weeks, I’ve shared a variety of back to school breakfast, lunch, & snack ideas.  Today we continue this topic with some snacks you can serve at home or on-the-go.  Plus I’m going to show you how I’ve taken a couple of simple products and created a fun Halloween treat bag that is a great alternative to your usual candy treat bags. (There’s also a cute printable and tutorial for you!)

On the Go Snacking Ideas

Noah has band practice or activities after school four days a week.  We always try to send him with a couple of dollars to buy a drink from the vending machine, but if he wants to eat a snack during the in-between school and practice time, I much prefer to send him with a snack from home, than give him a dollar and a half for a candy bar.  For these snacks, I look for things that are delicious, affordable, and portable!

Snacks in Store

Enter NABISCO Go-Paks! and Snack Pack® puddings, and Reddi Wip!

I purchased all the products featured in today’s post at Walmart.  I found Snack Pack® puddings in the baking aisle, Reddi Wip in the dairy section, and NABISCO Go-Paks in a bin at the front of the store.

GoPaks and Snack Pack Products

NABISCO Go-Paks! place some of your favorite NABISCO products in fun, convenient cups.  They sell for just a $1 a piece   Look for all of the following varieties:

  • NABISCO Go-Paks! TEDDY GRAHAMS Honey Graham Snacks
  • NABISCO Go-Paks! RITZ Bits Cheese Cracker Sandwiches
  • NABISCO Go-Paks! Mini NILLA Wafers
  • NABISCO Go-Paks! Mini OREO Chocolate Sandwich Cookies
  • NABISCO Go-Paks! CHIPS AHOY! Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • NABISCO Go-Paks! NUTTER BUTTER Bites Sandwich Cookies
  • NABISCO Go-Paks! Mini OREO Golden Sandwich Cookies

Then there are Snack Pack® puddings!  They offer 3.25oz pudding cups, which are sold in packs of 4.  And these are also just a $1.  Flavors include:

  • Chocolate
  • Vanilla
  • Chocolate/Vanilla Mix
  • Butterscotch


Quick Banana Pudding Ingredients

The NABISCO Go-Paks! and Snack Pack® puddings are great for on-the-go snacking and are perfect for Noah to take in his backpack. But what about the ReddiWip?  Well, it just so happens that Reddi Wip is the perfect ingredient to help bring the other two snacks together for the ultimate after school snacking experience!  Take a look!

Banana Puddng Cups

The NABISCO Go-Paks! come in a plastic, leak-proof cup, and the package is just over half-full of contents, making it so easy for you you to mix in your favorite Snack Pack®, Reddi Wip, and anything else you desire.

Cookies and Pudding

Since I love Banana Pudding, I thought it would be fun to share this Banana Pudding Cup, just to give you an example of what I mean.


Quick Banana Pudding in a Cup

 This Banana Pudding Cup will definitely be a hit with your kids, and you can you make it in less than 2 minutes!  AND the NABISCO Go-Paks! also come with a lid, which means you can make this and similar recipes and send the cup to school with your child or pack in the car for road trips!

Wicked Good Treat Bags

This is also a fun idea for treat bags!  For parents who don’t give their kids a lot of candy, treat bags full of chocolate can be a nightmare.

Our son is a little older, so I don’t have to worry about this as much, but every Friday someone in band is in charge of bringing treat bags for members of their section, and most of the time, Noah just throws his in his band uniform bag, his instrument case, or the car.  The result is melted chocolate in the worst locations possible!

Treat Bag Supplies

I got to thinking about alternatives to chocolate for treat bags, and I was thinking about how fun it would be to give the kids NABISCO Go-Paks! and Snack Pack® puddings.  It is something fresh and different from the usual candy bags.  And it actually offers them a snack to eat, which is more filling than candies.  Plus, if you include a spoon inside the bags, the kids can go ahead and eat their pudding or make their own mix-in snack right on the spot!

Wicked Good Time

Want some tags for your own treat bags?  I’ve created a free printable for you to use.  The printable has 3 tags on it.  Just print out as many copies as you like on paper, cardstock, or sticker paper.  Cut them out, and attach to your treat bags or boxes. (I punched a hole on each side of my tags and then weaved ribbon, in order to tie the labels around the bags.)

Printable Label Tutorial

It’s also quite easy to MAKE YOUR OWN tags for treat bags, potion bottles, and other Halloween decor.  Just follow these simple steps that go with my screenshots above.  For this Tutorial, you will need a PicMonkey Royale account.

  1. First open PicMonkey.  Choose the design tab and the 4×6 size.  One your design screen pulls up, choose the transparent background.  Then rotate your design 90 degrees to create a horizontal/landscape design.
  2. On the left side of the screen, click on the apple at the bottom.  This will bring up the “Themes” menu.  Here you will choose “Witches.”
  3. A lot of overlay options will appear under the witches menu.  If you scroll all the way down, you will see “Potion Labels.”  (It is listed 3rd from the bottom.)
  4. Choose your favorite label.  When it appears on your screen, click to corner to stretch the label to your desired size.  You can also position it on the screen, and even change the label color.
  5. Next click the add text tool and choose your favorite font to add text to your label.  The font I used for this label is called DRACULA, but PicMonkey has a lot a lot of spooky looking fonts, as well as Gothic and Victorian looking fonts that would work great for Halloween projects!
  6. To print your tags, you need to save your project as a jpg or png file.  From here, most printers have options that will allow you to choose print sizes and quantities, allowing you to print multiple tags at a time.  But if you don’t have this, just go to a program like Google Drive.  Create a New Document.  Then click the “Insert” tab and insert a image.  Insert your tag, and then resize it as desired by clicking your mouse.  Then you just do copy/paste to make multiple images on a page.

Wicked Treat Bags

So what do you think of these snack ideas?  Which variety of NABISCO Go-Paks! and Snack Pack® puddings would you like to pair up for a fun snack or treat bag combo? Please comment!



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