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Is your family ready for back to school?  My stepson started his sophomore year on Wednesday.  As we get ready to send him off to school and after school activities, I can’t help but think about how things have changed since I was in school.  Way back in the late 90s very few high school kids had cell phones, and just getting to borrow your parent’s cell phone on a Friday night could make you the envy of all your friends!

Nowadays everything has changed!  Not only is it automatically assumed that you, the parents, have cell phones, but most of the kids have had their own cell phones since junior high.

Noah 2015

Our son is in marching band at school.  This means he’s away at practice, games, and other events a lot!  Having a good cell phone means we’re just a call away!

As if that’s not reason enough, the Band Boosters, and the school as a whole, have been really great about adopting the latest technologies.  Parents receive regular email updates and reminders.  As parent, the email updates are essential, because we don’t have to wait for our son to tell us things (or worry about him forgetting to tell us something).  In fact, we often know about news and schedule changes before he does.

The band also has a group texting application for all the kids, which basically serves as one big chat room for the kids to get information or just talk.  They can ask each other questions like, “What time do we need to be at the stadium?”  or “Can someone give me a ride home after practice?”
Walmart LG G-Stylo Phone

I LOVE how the kids are able to communicate in this way, and I love being able to get news as it becomes available.  Having these technologies at our school, just underscores the need to keep up and have it at home.  With Walmart Family Mobile we’re able to have an affordable smart phone, so we can always keep up with Noah, his school, band, and anything else that comes along.

I’ve been a Walmart Family Mobile customer for about a year, and I recently got a new cell phone:  the LG G-Stylo.  This phone has all the features I’ve come to love (and need) in a cell phone.  It has a 5.7″ HD IPS Screen.  It has an awesome 13 MP camera.  (I take pictures with my phone every day!)  It’s 4G LTE capable, and it runs on the Droid Lollipop operating system, giving you access to just about any app or widget you could possibly want.

At the Desk

This phone also has a couple of new features that I haven’t had in the past but am totally loving!  It has Wi-Fi calling, allowing me to make a call using the wireless network at my home or anywhere I go.  (A couple of weeks ago all the cell phone carriers went down in our area.  I wish I’d had the G-Style that day!)

And the phone also has a stylus!  I like using the stylus for memos and grocery lists, and then sometimes it’s fun to just doodle!  Also, if you’re not very good at texting, due to having big hands or just poor coordination, a stylus can really be helpful!


Cell Phone

As I’ve already stated, Walmart Family Mobile Plans are super affordable! Unlimited text and talk plans are 29.88, while unlimited text, talk, and web plans are just 39.88.  WFM plans are also non-contract, which is a a real plus for families on a budget and for anyone who needs to buy phones or teens and tweens.

(Disclaimer: All prices for phones and plans included in this post are accurate as of the date of posting; however, these prices are subject to change. Please refer to WFM or your local Walmart for current pricing.)

WFM Aisle

Having an affordable cell phone has helped us to save money, allowing us to have more in the bank for Noah’s school tuition, band fees, school clothes and supplies, AND this year’s band trip!

You can find the LG G-Stylo and other Walmart Family Mobile Phones at your local Walmart or online at Walmart.com.


LG G-Stylo

If you saved money on your cell phones by switching to Walmart Family Mobile, what would you do with the extra cash?  Let me know by commenting on this post!



  1. This sounds like quite a money saver! I am going to have to look into this and see how the coverage is where we live!

  2. Sounds like a great price, but I love my T-Mobile service.

  3. Michelle J. says

    I’d go out to eat!

  4. That is a great price- definitely something I’ll consider! As for the $ saved, I’m sure we’d find some way to use it… probably at Walmart. LOL!

  5. I would put any extra cash towards those school activities. It is true kids really need a phone now, there are no more pay phones anywhere.

  6. I’ve got Walmart’s straight talk plan and love it, as I add lines though the walmart family mobile is the way to go.

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