Bedroom Makeover and Tips for Working with Small Spaces

Don’t you just love a good room makeover? Me too!  And I especially love it when it’s dramatic!  My husband and I are in the process of making a lot of changes in the house.  A while back we swapped out the furniture.  Shortly thereafter I purchased new bedding, and last week we moved the furniture to an entirely new room.

Here’s the old room:


Old Bedroom


This photo was taken a long time ago, so it’s not my best, but you get the idea….here I had a green bedspread, featuring red flowers.  It seemed very vibrant when I first purchased it but the pattern definitely got old for me and was starting to feel a little old fashioned.

As for the furniture, I’ve always liked this set.  It had a very classic appeal with ornate features, but it’s always nice to have a change!

Here’s the new bedroom:

New Bedroom

I’ve debated on a new bedspread for a while.  I’m totally loving dark grey right now, and I wanted something with a modern pattern, so when I found this one, it was an easy choice.

And I went with the dark red curtains because I like the two colors together, and I also have a few other bedspreads that would match these curtains.

Because this room is smaller, we did take out one of the night tables.  I do miss having a drink and my glasses right beside, but I’m thinking of remedying this by putting a small shelf on the wall next to the window.

I did place one piece of artwork on the wall, only because there was already a nail there for hanging, but I may remove this later.

New Bedroom 2

 As for the other side of the room, I’ve kept it simple with a chest (plus, my husband’s favorite part – the television on top) and just one clothes hamper in the corner.  I always like to make good use of corners!

Bedroom Dresser

And I’ve even minimized on the dresser.  Here you’ll see just a jewelry box, a couple of candles and a few perfume bottles.  I used to have several more perfume bottles here, plus a couple of baskets/containers with my stuff.  This looks much cleaner!

Even though the new room is smaller, I actually think I like it much better.  I think one reason I like it better is because the lack of space has forced me to declutter the bedroom.

Here are a few tips for working with small spaces:

-Use as little furniture as possible.  If you have two people in a room, you probably need a chest and dresser, but if the room is for one child, one adult, or is serving as a guest room, usually one or the other should suffice.

-If you do need to limit your furniture (especially furniture used for storage)  it may be time to declutter.  Get rid of clothes that don’t fit, are out of style, and you’re just not wearing!

-For clothes you are keeping, make the most of your closet space, so you don’t need to store things in your actual bedroom.  I love Space Bags for storing clothes and linens.  I also like using plastic storage bins and drawers or Bankers Boxes which are very easy to stack.

-Purchase storage bins or boxes that fit under your bed are also very helpful.

-As for accessories, purchase items that fit a common theme or color scheme, so the room doesn’t look so random.

-Also, when accessorizing, keep in mind that a few bigger items generally neat and less cluttered than a bunch of small items.

New Bedroom

 What do you think of the new room?  What’s your favorite tip for decorating in the bedroom?


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