Why I Love Gold Toe Ultra Soft, Oh. So. Soft. Socks

Tracking PixelThis is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Gold Toe.

Gold Toe Socks


When I’m wearing the right outfit, I love a pair of sandals just as much as the next lady, but most days, I’m a sock girl!  Basically if you were ever to stop by my house unannounced, you can pretty much bet that you will find me in my socks!  I just can’t walk around barefooted, and I’ve really never been able go sock-less.  Even when I was a kid I couldn’t stand to go swimming or do any outdoor activity without something on my feet.

Our son is the opposite.  When he walks in after school, the first thing he does is retreat to his room to remove his socks.

My husband Gary is more like me.  He always wears socks, except he hardly ever takes his shoes off and will even fall asleep in his shoes from time to time!

Then there’s me!  I am in the middle:  On days when I’m not leaving the house, I throw my socks on before I even get out of bed (if I’ve taken my socks off in the night, that is).  And then I never take them off till bath time!  And of course, I immediately put on a new pair of socks before I even leave the bathroom.

And on days I go out, I wear my socks until I leave and then as soon as I get back home, I almost immediately take my shoes off and go back to “sock feet.”

Gold Toe 1

I just got some new Gold Toe Ultra Soft, Oh. So. Soft. socks, and I’m in love!  These are GREAT for summer time!  Let me tell you why:

1.  They aren’t too thick, which means you don’t have to worry about your feet getting too hot when you wear them.


Jerri with Socks

2.  These are ankle socks, which means they are perfect to wear with a variety of shoes and outfits.  In the summer time I mostly wear shorts and capris when I go somewhere.  Once again I like my sandals, but if I’m going shopping or any place where I will be expected to walk or stand around for any length of time,  I NEED my shoes and socks.

These ankle socks are perfect to wear with casual lace up and slip on shoes with shorts, and even capris.   And it looks cute! No more sacrificing comfort for fashion!  


3. Gold Toe Ultra Soft, Oh. So. Soft. socks live up to the name.  They really are Oh. So. Soft.  When you wear these socks, your feet will feel oh, so comfortable, and the socks remain soft even after they’ve been washed!

Gold Toe Oh So Soft Socks


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Sock Pair

Are you a “sock girl” like me?  Are socks on your back to school shopping list? You should definitely put Gold Toe Ultra Soft, Oh. So. Soft. socks to your list! Go check out the socks!



This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Gold Toe.

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