Grilled Teriyaki Shrimp Kebabs + 10 Tips to Totally Take Care of Your Family This Summer

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My family spends so much of the time indoors, but the summer weather definitely gives us more excuses to get outside, from grilling out to playing with the dog, and doing yard work.  Whether we’re at work or play, I always try to take extra steps to take care of my family.  Today, in partnership with Walgreen’s, Johnson & Johnson, and Listerine, I’ll be sharing some of my tips to make sure your family is totally taken care of.

10 Tips to Totally Take Care of Your Family

1. Serve foods consistent with a well balanced diet.  Summer time means that fresh fruits and vegetables are in season, giving you the perfect opportunity to serve up something healthy.  The hot weather also gives us the chance to get outdoors and grill up some healthy seafood, poultry, and other lean proteins.

Kebabs are extremely easy to make, and they are a great way to serve up a variety of proteins, vegetables, and fruits to your family or a whole party of guests.  Here’s a quick recipe for Grilled Teriyaki Shrimp & Pineapple Kebabs.


2.  DON’T FORGET to eat.  Whether you’re outside doing a DIY project or out at the beach with your family, it’s easy to get caught up in what you’re doing and actually forget to eat.  And this can easily get you sick, especially if you’re out in the summer heat.  To avoid this, be sure to always carry a snack with you and eat small meals and snacks periodically throughout the day.

3.  Stay hydrated.  It is recommended that we drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day, and if you spend a lot of time outdoors, more may be necessary, especially if you eat foods that are high in sodium.  Additionally you should avoid alcohol and drinks that are high in sugar and sodium.

Neutrogena Sunscreen

4.  Protect yourself from the sun.  Wear a good sunscreen such as Neutrogena Cooldry Sport Sunscreen. Protect yourself and your family with hats and sunglasses.  Also, when you’re out in the sun for a long time, keep a watch on small children and anyone who is prone to burning and have them cover up as needed.

5.  Keep mosquito repellents on hand.  A good spray works wonders to keep the bugs away, and some good citronella candles and torches are a MUST at a backyard barbecue.

Shadow Runs

6.  Exercise. If you’re not already getting more exercise this summer, get started!  If you have children, unplug the games and go do some outdoor activities with them.  If you don’t have kids, come up with another activity you can do.  Just walking a lap or two around the block each day can make a difference on your overall health.  Getting a pet to walk or play with is also a good idea.  I get a lot of exercise from chasing our dog Shadow around the yard!

7.  Avoid overheating.  If you’re prone to overheating, take breaks from work and play.  Go inside to cool off.  Drink plenty of fluids.  Use cold compresses on the back of your neck.

8.  Keep a first aid kit.  Working and playing outdoors definitely increases your chances of having an accident.  If you don’t have one already, summer time is the best time to make a first aid kit, complete with disinfectant, cotton balls, Band-aids, and Neosporin.

9. Wear shoes.  Summer is the season of flip flops and sandals, and a lot of kids (and some adults) don’t want to wear shoes at all, but wearing shoes is the key avoiding splinters, cuts, ring worm, bug bites, and other injuries.

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10.  Adopt good oral hygiene.  With the kids out of school, it is a great time to teach them about oral hygiene and get them to adopt good habits for the next school year.  One way you can do this is by getting your family started on the 21-Day Challenge.  I posted about the challenge a couple of months ago.  The challenge consists of rinsing with Listerine every day.  That’s it!  It’s very easy and there are so many benefits to it.  Learn more about the 21-Day Challenge here.

 Got any tips to totally take care of your family? Share them in the comments!

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