Easy Steak Fajitas + 5 Kitchen Tips from my Hubby

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5 Kitchen Tips from my Hubby

Each day my husband and I are pressed with one big question: What are we going to eat?  

Sometimes getting all our meal fixed is one of the biggest challenges of the day, but I have a few things I do to make it less challenging. First of all, I have a husband who loves being in the kitchen and is happy.  Secondly, my family loves convenience foods, so a few nights a week I get to just heat up pre-cooked items from the freezer.  Stouffer’s is one of my go-to brands for this!


I’ve always loved Stouffer’s!  My favorites include their macaroni & cheese and lasagna!  Recently I picked up a couple of my classic favorites and also picked up a couple of new items from the Fit Kitchen line for my hubby to try out.  He loves spicy food, so I knew he would love the Fit Kitchen Steak Fajita an the Cilantro Lime Chicken.

Stouffers Fit KItchen at Walmart

You can find Stouffer’s Fit Kitchen Steak Fajitas and other great meals for the man in your life an the whole family at Walmart in the frozen aisle.

Easy Steak Fajitas

At just 7 minutes from freezer to plate, this is a perfect option for men who get hungry at the spur of the moment (and isn’t that every man?).

It’s also a perfect meal hubby can make for himself for lunch, a late night snack, or as a quick meal to tie him over till dinner time.

Stouffers Steak Fajitas

Featuring delicious ingredients like real chunks of steak, red and green peppers, corn, seasoned brown rice, and a smoked chile sauce, the Fit Kitchen Steak Fajita screams out with flavor!  And it’s just 370 calories, with 48 grams of carbs  and 26 grams of protein.

This hearty, savory meal also comes in a great portion size and will keep any man going throughout the day!  In fact, the portion size was big enough that hubby shared some with me.  And each meal is just $3.28. (Can you eat out for lunch at that price? I don’t think so.)

Gary Fit Kitchen

But my husband is not JUST a microwave artist.  He actually LOVES to cook and he’s really good at it.  Lucky me! 

Here are 5 kitchen rules (or tips, if you will) my husband lives by in our kitchen!

1.  Forget the recipe.  My husband often cooks without looking at recipe at all.  When he wants to make something new, he looks up recipes online, but he rarely follows them to the letter.  He usually substitutes at least one ingredient, and he often adds ingredients of his own.

2. Don’t be afraid to experiment.  If you’re unsure what to have for dinner, just go to your pantry and fridge and pick out a few things that could go together.  This is a great way to come up with new casserole, skillet meal, or soup.  It also tends to be a very budget friendly way to cook.

3. You can never have too many flavors.  Just when you think you have everything your recipe needs, think again!  How can you make it stand out? Consider adding hot sauce to your casserole or marinade.

Cooking with Stouffers

4.  Keep it simple.  A lot of people are afraid to cook or get out of it by saying they don’t know how, but ANYBODY can cook!  So many websites and cookbooks feature recipes with no more than 5 ingredients, and directions for those recipe are usually very easy.  You can also use a lot of “short cut” ingredients like canned cream soup, pasta sauces in jars, and seasoning packets.

5.  Keep your favorite recipes new.   If your family is like ours, you like certain foods A LOT, so that means you recycle recipes a lot.  But even your favorite recipes can get old after a while.  To keep your favorite recipes new an different, just change an ingredient or two.  Instead of using cheddar cheese, try provolone or swiss.  Instead of using rice, try pasta or potatoes.  By changing just an ingredient or two, you still capture the same essence an feel of your favorite recipe, but you get something new and exciting to bring to the table as well.

Stouffers Fit Kitchen

Be sure to check out more delicious options from STOUFFER’S® Fit Kitchen on this website.  I’d love to hear your favorite!



  1. I just realized I never made fajitas before so this would be a good time to start. Thanks for the awesome tips!

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