Make Every Night a Date Night with Tony’s Pizza

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Date Night with Tonys Pizza

I love going out, but sometimes there are a lot of road blocks to having a night out:  there’s no time, you’re tired or busy, there’s no money in the budget, etc.  Last month my husband was actually in the hospital, and shortly after his return home, he was diagnosed with neuropathy.  With this, there has been a lot to adjust to, and quite frankly we haven’t really been in the mood to go out.  Luckily the two of us have always been able to have a great time, just hanging out together at home.  As long as we’re together, we can make every night a date night.  One of our favorite activities is watching a little television and having a great meal, and quite often that meal is pizza!  We recently went to Walmart picked up TONY’S® Pizza, and it made a for a delicious meal and fun date night.  

Tonys Pizzeria Style Pizza

TONY’S Style Pizza is now 30% larger.  This new 14.4 oz size pizza sells for just $2.25, and it comes in 8 different varieties:

  • TONY’S® Pi Meat Trio Pizza
  • TONY’S® Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza
  • TONY’S® Cheese Pizza
  • TONY’S® Half Pep & Half Cheese Pizza
  • TONY’S® Pepperoni Pizza
  • TONY’S® Sausage Pizza
  • TONY’S® Sausage & Pepperoni Pizza
  • TONY’S® Supreme Pizza

Tonys 3 Meat Pizza


We picked up a Meat Trio Pizza and a Pepperoni Pizza, both of which were crispy and delicious!  The pizza is also a great value for money, as it is big enough to feed 2-3 people, which means you could easily feed a bigger family for $10 or less.

Pizza Plate

Coupon!  Right now Walmart has a great money saving offer.  Download their digital coupon and get $.75 off of any TWO (2) Tony’s Pizza (14.14 oz. or larger) The Walmart digital coupon is available until 6/30/15.” (While supplies last.)

You can also find more product updates and news by following Tony’s on Facebook.

Gary and Jerri at Concert

Here are some more tips on how to make every night a date night:

  1. Make it an easy dinner.  One reason I love the idea of pizza, is it is quick, and there is not a lot of clean up!
  2. Make a couple of refreshing cocktails or have a little dessert after your meal.
  3. Think simple and just do something you both love.
  4. If you’re doing the dinner and a movie thing, sit back, relax, and get comfortable on the couch.
  5. Try to avoid interruptions.  It’s easy to have date night when your kids are at grandmas, but if they are still at home you can still have a mini date night, after the kids are asleep or while they are doing homework and other activities.
  6. Shut off your phones, mobile devices, and computers.
  7. Focus on really being with your significant other, and try not to think about work, other commitments, problems, etc.
  8. If watching a movie or television, pick programs you and your spouse enjoy.  (My husband and have several programs we both love, including Game of Thrones, The Voice, American Idol, and Shark Tank.  Each night of the week we have a different program(s) we like to watching together, and this helps to make every night a date night.
  9. Take some time to actually talk to your spouse!  Talk about something intimate, talk about your day, or just talk about anything on your mind.
  10. Play a game.  A date night at home doesn’t have to mean dinner and a movie.  You and your spouse could play cards or a board game, or even a two player video game.

Do you have any good tips for a fun date night at home?  Tell us your idea in the comments!


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