Easy and Green Spring Cleaning with CleanPath

This winter I’ve had all sorts of spring cleaning and home improvement projects in mind!  But regardless of the season, I always try to maintain a clean home.  When it comes to household cleaners, I look for 3 main criteria.

1. I look for something that’s antibacterial.  This is just a given, considering I mostly use these products in my kitchen and bathrooms, where are some of the more germ-ridden areas in any home.

2.  I like something with a nice and clean (but not overwhelming) scent.

3.  And I like products that are environmentally friendly.


CleanPath fits in to all of these categories!  It is a line of cleaning products and hand soaps with a twist! (Literally!)  Each antibacterial is environmentally friendly because it’s actually 3 bottles of product in one.  You purchase your initial starter bottle, and the bottle has a pod filled with concentrated cleaner attached to the bottom.  The pod contains enough concentrate for 3 bottles of cleaners.


Simply twist the pod, removing it from your bottle.  Then take the seal off the pod and re-attach it to the bottle.  Next turn the bottle upside down and squeeze the pod, releasing the concentrate in to the bottle (to the fill line).  After you’ve added enough concentrate, turn your bottle right side up.  Remove the top and add water to the water fill line.  Place the top back on, and the product is ready to use.

Check out this video to see how it works:

I recently picked up the Antibacterial Multi-Surface Cleaner and  the Foaming Hand Soap.  Both products work great, and I love the scent.  The process to make the cleaner is also very simple.  And the products are very well priced.  I purchased the initial product kits for $3.58 at Walmart.  This is such a great price for one bottle of cleaner, let alone 3 bottles!  And then after you buy an initial kit, you can purchase the refill pods to make 3 more bottles of cleaner for just $2.28.  I also found a great deal on Amazon where you get the initial product kit, plus 4 refill pods for $12. That’s enough product to make 15 bottles of cleaner! Great deal!

Overall this is a great value for the money.  The products are very effective, and everyone should love that you get more product for less money and less waste!


Disclosure: I received products to facilitate this post. The opinions are my own.

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