Molasses Cookies and SPLENDA® 365 SWEET SWAPS™

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Molasses Cookie Stack

Every year I look forward to holiday baking. I usually have a list of the tried and true recipes I want to make, as well as a few new ones. Of course, I never get around to making all of them, but it’s fun thinking about it just the same. And when I do bake, I always have more than we will ever eat at our house.  No worries! For me, it just means it’s a great opportunity for gift giving and sharing.  But not everyone can eat sweets.  Have you ever given cookies or candy to someone, only to find out that they can’t eat sweet due to diabetes or other dietary restrictions?  I’ve done this a couple of times!   It’s embarrassing for you, and the even worse, the giftee is tempted to break their diet!

Enter Splenda!  A lot of people know Splenda as a no calorie sweetener for things like coffee and cereal, but what you may not  know is that Splenda actually has products especially for baking.  Their product line includes:

  • Splenda No Calorie Sweetener, Packets
  • Splenda No Calorie Sweetener, Granulated
  • Splenda No Calorie Sweetener Flavors for Coffee
  • Splenda Sugar Blend
  • Splenda Brown Sugar Blend

Splenda Products
With these products in your pantry, it is very easy to turn your favorite holiday recipes in to something that everyone can enjoy, while also reducing your own sugar and calorie intake! can give you all kinds of information about this, including recipes and tips to help you save calories from added sugar all year long!

I’ve been so busy this month, I’ve barely had time to cook a dinner, let alone bake anything, but last weekend I managed to make a few things.   On thing I tried was a batch of Molasses Cookies.  Although molasses itself equals sugar, I thought we could take the sugar content down just a notch by swapping the sugar out and adding Spenda Sugar Blend.



Molasses Cookie

Visit and the  365 Sweet Swap website for product tips, conversions, and recipes to help you swap out your sugar for no calorie Splenda products!



  1. I like gingersnaps, so I’m sure I’d love these.

  2. My sister loves molasses cookies—she’ll appreciate this reduced-calorie recipe!

  3. Marti Tabora says

    These sound really good, I have Splenda, but no molasses. i guess I will need to go to the store.

  4. Debbie Welchert says

    Your cookies look wonderful. I have never tried Splenda before and would love to try it. Maybe I’ll try a small batch of cookies and see if my family likes them or not.

  5. Laurie Nykaza says

    Can’t wait to bake these and see how good they are yummy.

  6. looks great

  7. Oh those look so yummy! I have never tried Slenda before!

    • The Splenda works great as as a baking ingredient, as long as you have the right product for your recipe, and you have to look at the Splenda coversion chart to make sure you don’t put too mmuch. Can’t stress this enough! But other than great, it is a great way to make sugar free desserts!

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