Making Time for Lunch Time with Campbell’s Slow Kettle Soups

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Campbell's Slow Kettle Soups

One of the only downsides to working from home is that my projects and day to day activities and tasks vary, so it’s hard to stay on an exact, dedicated schedule.  This includes making time for lunch.  I start out the day looking at emails and getting my most important to-dos finished, before moving on to the other things, and that’s usually where the randomness begins.  As I sit around replying to various emails, working on posts, taking photos, and doing work for my Etsy shop, the time flies.  I’ll think to myself, “I’m hungry. I need to find something to eat in a minute.”  Then suddenly I’ll find myself lost in a pool of emails, looking at social networks, or suddenly deciding I need to get up and do a load of laundry.  Luckily Campbell’s has now made is easy and more tempting to stop the work and eat a hot lunch with Campbell’s Slow Settle Style Soups.


Campells Slow Kettle Soups at Walmart

You can find Campbell’s Slow Kettle Soups in the canned soup aisle with other Campbell’s products. And like Campbell’s other lines, the Slow Kettle Soups come in a variety of chef crafted flavors like Baked Potato Soup with Applewood Smoked Bacon, Creamy Broccoli Cheddar Bisque, Southwest-Style Chicken Chili with Black Beans, and Braised Beef Stew.

 Although the soups are microwavable, you’ll get better results if you cook them on the stove.  (Don’t worry. It only takes a few minutes on medium heat.)  This makes it the perfect lunch item for someone working from home.

Campbells Slow Kettle Soups


On a recent shopping trip, I picked up the Fiesta Chicken Lime Tortilla Soup with White Meat Chicken and Kickin’ Crab & Sweet Corn Chowder, both of which were delicious.

The soups are especially tasty if you are looking for something warm and comforting to eat this winter, and they offer fresh ingredients and are “made with patience not preservatives.”

Fiesta Style Lime Tortilla Soup

 I especially loved this Fiesta Chicken Lime Tortilla Soup.  It truly reminded me of a restaurant quality soup, and was full of flavor.  The soup is also a great size to serve to one or two people.  For my lunch, I enjoyed half a bowl of soup with crackers, and then half sub sandwich.

(For those curious about my sandwich, it is my husband’s special sandwich, featuring ham, turkey, bacon, cheddar cheese, mayo, ranch, and pickles.  Very delicious!)

Speaking of my husband, if you are working from home and don’t intend to share, I suggest making extra.  My husband raved about how great this soup smells, and said it was unfortunate that he wasn’t hungry at the time I was eating.

Chicken Tortilla Soup

 Still not sure if you have time for lunch?  Here are a few tips for work from home time management to make sure you ALWAYS have time for a little Campbell’s Slow Kettle Soup:

1. Write out a dedicated schedule for your day, including a reserved lunch time.

2. Set aside a slot of time each day to schedule all tweets and other social media posts, so that you are not glued to these sites all day long.  And if you must check them, put this time in to your schedule and only use your allotted time for these activities.

3.  If you are a blogger, set time limits for working on posts.  (This can be difficult as we all want to create the best content possible, and the time often gets away from us when you factor in the photography, photo editing, and writing, but with a little brainstorming, planning, practice, and watching the clock, it is do-able.)

4.  Avoid “surfing the internet” while you’re working.  (If you’re a blogger it is almost impossible to avoid this.  As I write this post I have 5 tabs open, which are all work related, but I usually have at least 2 that are completed unrelated to what I’m doing.  But for time management purposes, it’s best to stay on the task at hand; no shopping or looking at recipes and other ideas that are completely unrelated to the days work.  Save that for “after hours.”)

5.  Limit the number of windows open on your computer.  (In addition to what I talked about in number 4, its is good to limit even the number of work related tabs and programs you have open on your computer, in order to stay on task and have an organized work schedule.)

Campbell's Slow Kettle Soups


Do you ever have problems breaking away from work to have lunch?  How do you get everything done and still have time for a good lunch?  Tell us your story in the comments!

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