5 Tips to Spice Up Your Relationship and Having the Freedom to be Spontaneous

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Freedom to be Spontaneous

 Today we’re going to take a little break from our holiday coverage and do something a little different.  If you visit my site often, you know that I cover a lot of health and beauty products, and I also do the occasional relationship and family related posts.  Today I’m combining those two topics.  I’m going to be discussing a product that can help you and your partner have the freedom to be spontaneous and we’ll discuss some other tips to help spice up your relationship.

This is a very important topic to me.  My husband really is my best friend.  I know a lot of people say that, but for me, it is especially true.  I’ve never been a very sociable person, and given that I have a limited number of contacts, it is very important to me that my husband and I stay connected.  It is important to me that we spend time together, talk, and just have fun, but it is also important to stay connected romantically.

Romance has always had its challenges.  We’ve all heard the jokes about romance being dead after marriage, and I have to admit, there’s definitely some truth there.  We have our jobs, children, and other obligations to meet.  I’ve actually become a bit of an “at-home work-a-holic.”  I find myself on the computer all the time, and then I get very few hours of sleep.  Plus I have to take the care of the house, Gary, and Noah, so lately I’ve either been too busy to too tired for romance.

Age and health issues (such as hormone levels and medication side effects) can also get in the way.  I just turned 32, and my husband will be 39 this month.  Lately he’s been telling me that I’m in my prime and he’s on the decline.  I’m not really sure about all this.  But I do know that I’ve personally been effected by pure exhaustion, as well as side effects of medication that I take to prevent migraines.

Freedom to be Spontaneous

 1. Date Night, A Short Outing, or just a little quality time.  With jobs and kids, it can be difficult to spend quality time with your spouse.  Try to reserve a special date night with them to connect, or even just spend an hour doing something you love, like back at comedy clubs in London which were amazing.  My husband and I went to the park for a little while the other day before picking up our son from school, and it was such a perfect experience.

It was great to just walk and in hand or sitting on a park bench together, completely “unplugged” and with no interruptions.

Neutrogena Makeup

2. Look and Feel Desirable. Since I work from home, I rarely wear makeup anymore and am often in my velour jogging suit or pajama pants. (It’s comfortable.)  Having said that, I CRAVE the days when I actually have an “excuse”  to wear nicer clothes and do make up and hair.  My husband always tells me that he doesn’t really care what I’m wearing, and he actually likes me better without the make up. I do believe him, but at the same, I love feeling pretty!

So when I say, “look and feel desirable” this is completely subjective.  For you, this might mean putting on a little black dress and high heels.  It could mean trying out some new lingerie.  Or it may just mean, putting on a little make up and perfume with your blue jeans.  Just do whatever makes you feel good about yourself, and your partner will surely take notice.

 Wine and Cheese

3. Romantic Gestures.  Set up a little date night at home, filled with romantic gestures.  Cook your spouse’s favorite meal or order out food that you both enjoy.  Break out the candles and wine glasses for a little romantic touch.  Then consider other romantic activities you can do:

  • Dancing (there’s nothing like a slow dance in the privacy of your own living room)
  • Sitting by the fireplace.
  • Time in the hot tub/spa if you have one or just a regular bath with bubbles, essential oils, and candle light.
  • A back rub or full body massage.

Chocolate Rum Fondue

4.  Set the Mood.  Although it’s a little clique, it never hurts to try to set the mood!  Candles or other forms of low light are effective as well as mood music (mutually agreed upon, of course).  And while you’re setting things up, be sure to include a couple of glasses, and a bottle of champagne or other beverages you like (on ice, of course).  You may also have a tray of strawberries, chocolate, or other romantic treats.


Freedom to be Spontaneous with KY Liquibeads

5.  Try a personal lubricant like K-Y® Liquibeads.  Often age or other health issues may prevent you from having the freedom to be spontaneous. KY Liquibeads® can be used every three or four days and is designed to help your body be ready, without the mess of traditional lubricants.

KY Liquibead How to

The product is also very easy to use:  Simply remove the Liquibead from the package.  Pull back the plunger on the applicator.  Insert the bead in the applicator.  Insert the applicator as far as it  will go comfortably (while standing or resting on your back).  Then with one hand holding the barrel, use your other hand to push the plunger all the way in, putting the Ovule in place.

KY Liquibeads at Target

I picked up KY® Liquidbeads at my local Target store.  You can find them in the reproductive health aisle.  You can also save money on the product right now when you download this printable coupon.

KY Liquibeads

Do you have any tips for spicing up your relationship?  How do you keep the romance alive?  Are you able to be spontaneous?


  1. My husband and I don’t often have scheduled sex, so we have to be spontaneous. It usually happens after the kids are at school (except our daughter who isn’t in school right now), and before he goes to work in the early afternoons. OR sometimes he’ll wake me up when he comes to bed. Most of the time I’m resistant, others I’m open, it totally depends on the day. IT’s HARD being married! OH, by the way, your husband is NOT in his decline. Do men ever REALLY decline? Even when they do, there’s a pill for that. 😉 #client

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