My Effortless Meal with Walmart and Coca-Cola

Disclosure: This post was written by me in partnership with Walmart and Coca-Cola. The opinions are my own.

Walmart Effortless Meals on Table

There’s almost nothing I love more than sitting down for a great meal!  I generally think there’s nothing better than a home cooked meal (especially when someone else has cooked!), but sometimes work and school schedules make it difficult to bring something homemade to the table.  The folks at Walmart and Coca-Cola know all about this, and that’s why they have teamed up this fall to bring us Effortless Meals.

Effortless Meals Display

You can find Walmart Effortless Meals right in the Deli section.  They have a great variety of food from cooked chicken to freshly sliced deli meat!  With food from the Walmart Deli, you can have the best of both worlds:  You can serve up delicious food to your family.  And you don’t have to work or spend a lot!

Coke Rewards

And that’s not all!  Right now Walmart and Coca-Cola are giving you the chance to earn My Coke Rewards points just for buying Walmart Effortless meals.

Just pick up one of the following:

  • Marketside Pizza
  • A Marketside Sandwich & Chips,
  • Marketside Rotisserie Chicken & Side

And pick up a 16 oz. Coca Cola Product to drink with your meal.  (They have a Coke cooler conveniently located right in the deli!)

From there, visit the Effortless Meals site and enter the UPC code from your Walmart meal deal, followed by your Coca-Cola My Coke Rewards code, and you’ll receive 10 bonus points!

In the past, I’ve used My Coke Rewards to get great apparel and other items!  So if you’re not signed up for those rewards, this is a great time to get started, while the Effortless Meals promotion is going on.
Whole Chicken

 I’ve really enjoyed all the Marketside food that I’ve tried.  And the Rotisserie Chicken is no exception!  A couple of weeks ago we visited our local Walmart and picked up a chicken, along with baked beans, and 2 Coca-Colas.

The food was made fresh that day (as noted on the label), and it was very delicious!

Incidentally, my mother-in-law buys a couple of these chickens just about every week!  It’s certainly easier and quicker than cooking it yourself.  And you can get your chicken, side item, and two 16 oz. drinks for $10-$12, which is a great deal!

And with all the time we save having dinner with Walmart Effortless Meals, I get can all my blogging and other projects done, not to mention housework, and just enjoying time with the family.

This fall, in particular, we are spending a little extra time at the football stadium watching Noah play in the band.  I don’t have a good video of the full show yet.  Hopefully I’ll get that this weekend, as they are playing in an exhibition show on Saturday.   But here’s a video I made at his “preview show.”  ( I miss seeing their nice uniforms and pretty flags here, but the music sounds nice!)

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments:  Which of the three Effortless Meal Deals would you rather try?

And what would you do with the time you save when your serve Effortless Meals?


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