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Fresh Step Giveaway

One of the latest products on the market for “cat parents” is lightweight litter.   It is an idea that is long overdue.  As a cat mommy, I like to get the best deal possible on litter, and that usually comes from buying the bigger packages, but it can be murder on your back, so I usually have to choose savings or convenience.  But now the lightweight litter option gives me another choice!  Fresh Step now has a LightWeight litter formula, and we recently tried that in our home.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with my resident kitty cat product testers, here they are:




Sugar Belle

Some of the key features that the Simply Sweet Home cats and I like about the new litter include:

  • 30% lighter!
  • Stronger Odor Control vs. Other Lightweight Litters
  • Activated carbon traps and eliminates urine & feces odors
  • Antimicrobial agent fights odor-causing bacteria
  • Easier to lift, carry and pour!

Rebel and Sugar’s room has 2 litter boxes.  One is covered and one is uncovered.  I already had some regular Fresh Step on hand, so I continued using it in our covered litter box, and I cleaned out the uncovered box, and starting using the LightWeight formula there.

Rebel and Sugar had no trouble adjusting to the new litter.  I placed the Fresh Step LightWeight in our box that has no cover, so I could get a better sense of how good a job it does of covering up odors, and it did very well in that category.

The consistency also seems to help it last longer than traditional litter.  The litter does produce quite a cloud of dust when you’re pouring.  It is no more than what I’ve seen with some of the other litters I’ve tried, but as I’m currently using traditional Fresh Step in our other litterbox, I see that it produces little to no dust at all.  The LightWeight formula also has a strong scent to it, which the traditional Fresh Step does not.

If you’re looking for odor control and a lightweight litter, I’d recommend Fresh Step.  I think you will be happy with the convenience and the job it does of keeping your home smelling.  But if you have a problem with allergies, asthma, or anything of that nature, I think you would prefer the regular Fresh Step litter.

Giveaway!  One Simply Sweet Home reader and her cat will win a box of Fresh Step Lightweight.

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  1. I learned that “Fresh Step’s powerful formula eliminates dirty litter box odors for 10 days. Guaranteed, or your money back.* That’s something even cats find amazing.”

  2. I learned that one can save “Paw Points” and use them to “buy” rewards!

  3. I learned that they have a Million Meow Moments promotion going on now to help shelters and homeless cats!

  4. I like the Paw Points rewards program, I love that I can donate them to a local shelter most of all.

  5. *Thanks so much* Simply Sweet Home and Fresh Step! We look forward to trying the Lightweight Litter 🙂

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