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Henkel A+ Values

For the past month, I’ve been featuring ideas and products for fall cleaning.  Today I’m sharing a few more, and as a bonus, you can actually Get $10 Back in Coupon Savings on these products with Henkel A+ Values.

Henkel makes products you know and love such as Dial, Purex, Right Guard, renuzit, and Soft Scrub.  Today I’m talking about how I use products from the last two brands on this list, but I’m also going to tell you how can save money on ALL these brands this fall.  All you have to do is by $20 worth of products from the participating brands I just mentioned.  Then visit the A Plus Values page and enter your email address. From there, you will have the chance to upload your receipt from where you bought the participating products. Upon validation, you will receive $10 in money saving coupons from Henkel. Coupon savings delivered electronically via opt-in e-mail. While supplies last. $20 purchase requirement based on advertised retail price, before coupons.

 This is a really great deal for me, considering I already use products from the participating brands.  If you use these items too, this might be a great time for you to stock up!

Cleaning Products

When I have a sudden need for an item or when I just want to grab a few things in a hurry, I shop at Target because it is literally 2 minutes from my house!  Seriously, I could walk there, and actually have done so when our car was in the shop.  But I digress….  Last week I got ready to clean house, and I wanted to get products to freshen our home up a bit, so I ran out to Target to grab a few items.

Target has all their cleaning supplies in the front of the store, and everything is always so nicely lined out, making it easy for me to see everything they have to offer and make good choices.  This is where I found an assortment of products from Soft Scrub.

Soft Scrub has a number of great products, including an All Purpose Cleaner, which I’m a huge fan of.  But on this particular occasion, I was needing some gel cleaner to clean the toilets, so I decided to this Soft Scrub with Bleach Cleaner Gel.

Cleaning with Soft Scrub

I prefer to clean the toilet with this type of cleaner, because the gel actually coats the toilet, rather than going straight into the water like spray cleaners, and this allows you the chance to give the cleaner time to set up before you scrub.  I also find that it is a good way to fill the room with “the smell of clean.”

AND…I was particularly attracted to this Gel cleaner, because it is not specifically just for toilets.  It also says: sinks, stovetops, and showers.  I was very happy to clean everything in the bathroom, using just this one bottle of cleaner, and a brush and rag!  Very easy, simple, and affordable!

Air Fresheners at Target

Whenever I’m finished cleaning, I think that is the best time to freshen up the house (and it can also do wonders, in between cleanings!)

While shopping at Target, I found a great selection of Renuzit products.

Renuzit Products

When was the last time you used renuzit adjustables? (the product on the left)  I haven’t bought one of these in forever, so I decided to pick one up, seeing as how they were only 99 cents!  I chose the Citrus Sunburst Scent, because I love anything citrus smelling!  I’ve placed it in our main bathroom, and I can’t believe the difference it makes. When the door is open, I walk by and get that hint of clean citrus, which I love.  And when the door is close, you walk in and are just overwhelmed by how clean it smells.

I’m not sure how long the scent lasts, but for 99 cents, it is definitely a good buy, and it is something I will stock up on in the future, as it is perfect for our bathrooms and small spaces.

Sugar on Bed

I also purchased the Renuzit Super Odor Neutralizer spray in Citrus Sunburst.  I actually first came across this product a few months ago when I also looking for products to clean my cat room.  I have blankets over Rebel and Sugar’s beds, so they never even touch the actual bed, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t need a little cleaning!  So when I get ready to change out their blankets, I just spray a little Citrus Sunburst on the cat beds, and they smell good as new.

I’ve also used this spray on furniture, drapes, carpet, and even on Noah’s band uniform.  It is a really great product to use on any fabric you want to refresh, and yes, you can use it as an air freshener as well.

And finally, I picked up some Renuzit Pearl Scents.  I’ve never purchased this product before, but upon giving it a look, I decided that it fits in perfect with us.  We often use scented oil products, and as much as we love them, I usually unplug them after a few days when we get used to the scent, or I will unplug them at night so they don’t become bothersome when we sleep.  The only problem with this, is it can lead to spills!  And it’s so hard to find a plug in around here!

Pearl Scents are a great alternative because you don’t need plug in!  Just open, and you are good to go.  The scent fills the room but is not too overwhemling, and it also looks pretty cute.  I got the Pure Breeze scent, and it smells wonderful in Noah’s room.  I definitely be buying ore of these for the living room and bathroom.


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  1. Your kitty is so pretty! I miss living close to a Target store, they always seem to have great prices on Henkel cleaning essentials. #client

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