Lunch Time with Del Monte and a Coupon Offer at Walmart

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Noah Birdwell

Noah started his freshman year of high school nearly two weeks ago.  So far he seems to like it okay.  It is hard to believe he is in high school; I think this is something that sneaks up on parents and most find they aren’t “ready” for it.  When we took him to band camps during the summer, his dad first looked around and said, “It’s so weird to drop off Noah here, and most of these kids actually drove themselves. He’s too young for all this!”  And he’s also remarked, “Wow, some of these kids have facial hair!”  haha.

But aside from the basic anxieties, I think everyone is excited about the school year.  I’m not sure if Noah is excited about all this pre-AP coursework he signed up for, but I know he’s very excited about being in band this year, and he’s look forward to this year’s band trip.

Del Monte Pineapple Cups

With the start of a new school year comes shopping for school lunch and snack items.  If you’re looking for healthy, yet convenient options, Del Monte Fruit Cups and Del Monte Fruit Burst Squeezers make great additions to any lunch box.

I recently picked up a couple of packages of the Del Monte Fruit Cups.  We like the Mandarin Oranges and Pineapples.

Lunch Bag

 Throw a fruit cup in with a sandwich and other snacks, and you’ve got a delicious and nutritious lunch!  In this particular lunch box, I have enough items for a lunch, as well as a snack for the time between school and band practice.

We have a peanut butter sandwich, a Del Monte Fruit Cup, granola bar, trail mix, chips, and water.

It sounds like a lot but all the portions here are relatively small, and they are intended for both lunch and snack time, so I think it’s a fairly good amount.  It also allows for him to make some of his own choices at meal time, among a collection of things laid out before him.

Lunch Time with Del Monte Fruit Cups

FREE Photo Print Offer from Walmart!

From August 1 through September 13, select Walmart Super Stores are offering a $1 off coupon on any (2) Del Monte 4-pack Fruit Cups or Fruit Burst Squeezers when get a 5″x7″ print made at the Walmart Print Shop.

Here’s how it works: To receive your $1 off coupon you must participate in the free back to school photo print offer. You  need to bring in a photo of your child or upload it fom your phone or SD card while you’re in the store. (Keep in mind, no copyrighted photos, like school pictures, will be eligible for the free print.)

The Walmart Print Shop will then make your picture into a 5”x7” print with a Back to School border. (Your actual picture will be 4”x6”. )

When you receive your picture after it is printed you should receive a coupon for $1 off Del Monte products in the photo envelope.

This offer is available at select stores only through September 13 while supplies last.

Del Monte Pineapple Tidbits



  1. Del Monte Fruit Cups are so handy! I love to have one for a healthy dessert.

  2. My son always takes the pineapple for lunch. =)

  3. my family loves Del Monte Fruit Cups!!

  4. Robin Wilson says

    Gosh, just like my son did, he just looks too young to be high school. Don’t tell him I said that! But he is a cutie and I’m so glad that he has stayed with band. I buy those cups too. I missed the offer, but appreciate the post!

  5. Even though Carter is only half days at school and does not bring lunch, we do have these at home all the time! He Loves them! Carter loves the mixed fruit and the mandarin oranges!

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