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Coke Float

Coca Cola is my favorite drink! Even though I love it, I do have to share!  Recently my husband and I went to Walmart to Share a Coke.  On July 6, Coca Cola had a nationwide Share a Coke Event at Walmart.  We received free Coke samples, and we got to see the new bottles and cans which have words on them such as “friend” and “family” along with personalized bottles with actual names on them.

Share a Coke Demo

The event and the new line of cans and bottles is all about sharing a coke with the one’s you love.  When we approached the booth, the guy hosting the demo, pulled out a can at random, and it just so happened to say, “Soulmate.”

My husband said, “Hey. That’s us!”  (aww)

Soulmate Coke

Although I know there are a lot more Soulmate cans out there, after we left the demo, my husband convinced me to just keep this Coke as a keepsake, because he said, “it’s like fate.”  And while, I’m sure that I probably won’t be able to find a personalized Coke bottle that says “Jerri” on it, I thought getting this Soulmate can at the demo was very cool!

Have you seen the personalized bottles yet?  They can be found at the front of your store in the drink cooler, and some may be stacked in a display at the front of our store as well.  Here are a few that I found at our store:

Personalized Coke

There are a lot of ways to kick back and share a Coke with your loved ones.  One way is with a little Coke Float party!  Whether you’re having a group of friends over, or it’s just you, the hubby, and kids at home,  a Coke Float really makes for a fun and refreshing treat on a hot summer evening.  Most of the time, it’s pretty quiet around our house.  We watch television, or the guys play music, but whatever we’re doing, I think ice cream can always make the day great, and a Coke Float is event better!

Coke Float Bar

You can make your Coke Float Party Night even more special, by making your own bar or table with toppings.  This way everyone can personalize their Coke Float with their favorite sundae toppings.

In my case, I put together everything you need for a delicious Rocky Road Coke Float!



Rocky Road Coke Floats

Who would you like to share a Coke with this summer?  What name would you like to find on a personalized Coke bottle?



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