HomeRight SteamMachine Plus Review

Homeright SteamMachine Plus

With back to school and the fall season coming up, it is time to start thinking of a little fall cleaning, and I love any tool or product that can help make cleaning easier.  The HomeRight SteamMachine Plus is a product that definitely fits that mold!  I recently got my SteamMachine Plus, and as I looked over the manual and all the attachments included, I could hardly wait to use it!

As you can see from the picture, the SteamMachine Plus is a steam mop, but it is way much more than that!  Before we get to the various tasks and things you can clean with it, let’s talk about the steam power.  What are the benefits of cleaning with steam?  For one thing, the steam kills germs and bacteria naturally.  Secondly, the machine runs on electricity and cleans with water, so you do not have to pay for chemical cleaners to use with the product, and because you do not use chemicals, the product is perfectly safe to use around children and pets.

Now what can you clean with the SteamMachine Plus?  First off, you can obviously clean your vinyl and tile floors using the mop and mop pads. Apart from this, machine attached from the steam mop handle, so that it works like a hand vac, and it has several attachments to clean many surface areas in your home.  Some of the areas you can clean include:

  • Glass – windows, mirrors, and even refrigerator shelves
  • Bath tubs, and sinks, including the fixtures and grout lines.
  • Counter tops
  • Stoves, refrigerators, and other appliances.
  • Patio furniture
  • Also steam your clothes, and curtains, and  much more!

I’ve used the SteamMachine Plus for several tasks.  Here are few jobs in which the SteamMachine especially impressed me:

Cleaning the Refrigerator – I recently took everything out of the refrigerator and gave it a good cleaning.  There were a couple of things which had spilled on the shelves and down in the bottom of the fridge.  These were hardened in the fridge and seemed they would be impossible to get out.  But the SteamMachine worked wonders.  It softened the hard material and made it easy for me to wipe away in just minutes!  (And now scrubbing needed!)

Spots on the Floors, Counters, and Stove – Anytime something drips on the counter or floor and you don’t see it immediately, it is going to turn in to dry spot that you have to scrub and scrub to remove.  But with just a little steam power from the SteamMachine Plus, these spots also become loose and liquify so that you can easily wipe the spots away!

Pet Stains on the Carpet – Our kitty got sick on the carpet.  When I see it immediately I can generally pick it up and use a little carpet cleaner spray to prevent staining.  But if this happens when I’m asleep or away from home, the stain has time to set it and can be difficult to clean.  Right after I received the SteamMachine, my husband suggested I put a little steam power on the spot on the carpet.  I was amazed that it actually helped remove the stain!

I’d definitely recommend this machine:  It makes cleaning easier, faster, and chemical free!

You can order a SteamMachine Plus from HomeRight website or purchase it on Amazon.


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