Getting Organized with Spicy Shelf – Review & Giveaway

Spicy Shelf Review and GiveawayI like to stay organized as much as possible.  I like to be able to open up a cabinet or drawer and see everything that is inside and have everything easily accessible.  And when someone asks where something is, I like to be able to tell them exactly where it is, without having to get up and without having to do a lot of shuffling in the cabinet.  Although my stuff is already pretty neat and orderly, I’ve been trying to do a little decluttering and reorganing this summer.  I got a little bit of help with this from the Spicy Shelf.

The Spicy Shelf is a great organzing tool that you can place in your cabinets.  It is designed for small items such as spices but it also works great with other small items in your pantry.  And you can also use it for other purposes beyond spices:  Organize your medicine bottles, beauty items and cosmetics, and even small craft supplies.

Simply place the Spicy Shelf in your cabinet, and you can line up all your items so that everything is visible.  You no longer have to shuffle and move things out of the way or dig to the back of your cabinet to find something.  And you don’t have to worry about knocking things over and making a mess of your cabinets.

Another thing that makes the Spicy Shelf a great item to have is it’s construction.  It takes minutes to assemble, and the instructions show several configurations for you to use your Spicy Shelf to best fit your needs, including shorter shelves, taller shelves, stackable shelves, and side-by-side shelves.  You also get parts that allow you to put two shelves together and just slide the unit inside your cabinet.  Or if you have cabinets that already have dowels for shelving, you can simply hang your Spicy Shelf on these.  It’s very easy and convenient!

Organizing with Spicy Shelf

I already had most of my spices organized on rack.  But underneath the shelf, I had a lot of puddings, chocolate chips, and other baking items just stuffed in to a box.  The main problem with this for me is that, if stuff is hidden in a cabinet, it won’t get used.  I placed one Spicy Shelf inside and was able to line up all my pudding and stuff.  And I was actually able to place a few extra items in this cabinet.

Medicine Shelf


The second shelf, I decided to use for medicine.  Although we have a medicine cabinet, I also keep a lot of pain relievers and supplements in the kitchen cabinet so that they are centrally located and easily accessible in the house.  I’ve been keeping these in a couple of little white baskets.  But I was able to use the Spicy Shelf and eliminate one of these baskets.  I considered removing the other basket as well and just lining up half the bottles underneath the shelf, but for my purposes it is just as well to pull out the whole basket as needed.

I can definitely see things better in both of these cabinets, and hopefully both configurations will work out!

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Disclosure: I received a Spicy Shelf for review purposes. The opinions are my own.


  1. I would use the shelf to organize all my spices!!! 🙂

  2. I’d use it for organizing my spices.

  3. I would use it to organize my seasonings.

  4. Sheila K. says

    I would use it to organize my herbs and spices!

  5. Sandy Guilbeaux says

    Ohhh….I surely could get organized. We live in a house that was built in 1943 and have very few cabinets in our kitchen. We have to put our food in the mudroom and it needs organization bad. I try but eventually food gets unorganized.

  6. I would use it for my spices.

  7. Stephanie Grant says

    I would us it to help organize my many spices and smaller bottles.

  8. I would use it to organize all my many many spices.

  9. I would use the spicy shelf for spices. My spice cabinet is a mess and could use the shelf.

  10. I would use it to get my spices organized. How great it would be not to have them tumble out every time! And it would save me so much room! Yay!

  11. Shannon F says

    I would use it for my spices of course! I have them all spread out on a shelf currently and it can take me as long as 5 minutes to find what I’m looking for! This would make my cooking process so much easier!

  12. I’d use it to organize my spice cabinet.

  13. Angela R Higdon says

    To organize my spices, of course!

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