New York Life Celebrates Dads #KeepGoodGoing

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You’ve likely seen the commercials on television from New York Life, revolving around the theme of “Keep Good Going.”  These ads show little examples of people helping people in daily life.  The above video celebrates fatherhood and the the “Keep Good Going” theme.

Do you know a Stay-at-Home Super Dad?  Or do you know a working dad who should be recognized for the things they’ve done for their kids?  If so, New York Life invites you to share their stories.  Whether you have a great dad who supported your and taught you an important life lesson, or you, yourself are living the life of “super dad” tell us about it!

The video reminds me of my own dad. While he was unable to be a stay-at-home Dad, he was still very caring and supportive, and he taught me a lot of important life lessons.

When I was growing up, my dad worked in a plant.  While he could have found a job that paid more if he’d worked night shift, he found it was more important to be home with me at nights.  And when he wasn’t working at his job, his night job was doing the single dad thing.  From the time he got home from work, he stayed busy doing house work and yard work, as well as cooking, and running any household errands, but he always had time to help me with my homework and spend time with me.

Apart from the importance of family and hard work, my dad also taught me a lot about giving and helping others.  My dad was always there to help a family member or friend in need.  Whether he was carrying a pot of soup to a sick friend, taking medicine or food to my grandma, or mowing an elderly person’s yard, he has always been around to help anyone, even if they didn’t ask.

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