Living Room Makeover with SureFit

Surefit Makeover

Today I am excited to share a very easy, yet beautiful (if I do say so myself) living room makeover!  I recently received got a slipcover for my couch from the great folks at Sure Fit, and I am so happy with the transformation.  I purchased a slipcover for my recliner a year or so ago, and so I’ve been wanting to get a matching slipcover for the couch.

Let’s start with the chair.  As I said, I bought this from Sure Fit a while back, and it still looks pretty great, and then I just purchased this new throw pillow, just to add a little color and style:



Now on to the couch.  I love the couch I have.  It is a plaid couch with primary colors of maroon, green, and navy, mixed with cream and tan.  It is very nice with a great country appeal, and I with the slip cover, I just wanted to dress it up a bit and give it a little bit of a modern look:

Living Room Before and After Picture

I’m very pleased with the quality of the slip cover.  It is very soft and comfortable to sit on, but it still looks great, and the chocolate color adds a lot of contrast when a pair with my lighter colored walls.

Couch Pillow

And then just to give it a little finishing touch, I got these very lovely pillow covers from East & Nest.

If you would like to makeover your living room but don’t have the money to go out and spend on all new furniture, a set of slipcovers could be a great option for you.  I, for one, and very pleased and happy with the new look, and now I just need a new accent rug or two, and some new wall art, and I will have a complete transformation!



Please leave your comments and let me know how you like the new look!


Disclosure: To facilitate this post, I received a new slipcover for SureFit.  The opinions are my own.


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