Spring Cleaning with New Air Wick Products

Any time I need to refresh my home, I reach for a can of air freshener and pull out a new scented oil plug in.  Air Wick has a variety of great products for the home, and they are always coming out with new scents to keep things interested and fresh. As I’ve been spring cleaning the last couple of months, I’ve been excited to find all the new products Air Wick has for spring.

One line they have for spring is their National Parks Collection. As you would expect, these scents are inspired by our National Park.  One of these that I’ve tried is the Gulf Island variety, which has a wonderful scent of coconut and smells very tropical.

The other day we had company over, and as soon as they walked in, they commented on how great the house smelled.  This, of course, made me feel great.  Because I have inside cats (and men) in an older house, where we are always frying, cooking, etc, I’m always concerned about odors, and I’m happy that Air Wick does the job of covering up any odors, while also smelling great.

Air Wick National Park Collection

They also have a new Familiar Favorites collection.  This line is inspired by the scents of products you know and love like Cinnabon, Baby Magic, and Snuggle.
Air Wick Familiar Favorites Collection


I love the concept of this product line, because I’m always smelling foods, detergents and other products and just wishing they made an area freshener in the product.  I love the Cinnabon scent, and the Baby Magic just has a nice, clean smell that you would expect.  I’d also love to try the Snuggle scent.  Who wouldn’t love the smell of fresh laundry throughout the house?

The scented oil plug ins are also great, as they are affordable and they are easy and convenient to use.  Check out your local grocery or drug store to find these great new varieties!


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