5 Favorite Trends in Wall Decor

This spring I’ve been doing a LOT of spring cleaning and decluttering in my house. Now I’m getting ready to change up the decor a bit.  Some things I currently have my eye on include a new bedspread, rugs, curtains, and metal prints wall art.  I’d especially love some new wall art for my living room.  Since I swapped to new and recliner last year, the art I have on the wall clashes a bit with the existing furniture.  Plus, I’d love to get something new, modern, and trendy.  As I’ve been browsing for ideas and products online, I thought it would be fun to share some of the currents trends in wall decor that I love.  Whether you are looking for beautiful paintings, wall plaques, or metal art, the internet has so much to offer!

tree art

Modern and Abstract Art - Photo Credit

Modern and abstract art has really come in to the mainstream.  You can pretty much find a painting overything you can imagine.  I usually like art that is a little more traditional: landscapes and pictures of fruit and birds, etc.

But I’m also loving the more contemporary paintings like the one above.  I just love how the artist has taken items from nature (birds, trees, flowers), and made it look so bold and whimsical.  It is like a dream!  I think it looks very cool and modern, but at the same time I think it would work in a room with traditional decor.

Wall Medallion


Metal Wall Art - Photo Credit

Metal Wall Art is everywhere right now.  Whether you are looking for something, classic, contemporary, or modern rustic, you can easily find something to fit your needs.  These pieces include wall medallions, plaques, and sconces, but also include nontraditional and contemporary art pieces, and metal art shaped like various objects such as birds and trees.


I love metal wall art because of the variety of styles and colors available.  And although you can buy these pieces in a variety of painted colors, I love the option just to buy something in bronze, brass, and other metal colors, because this means it will go with any decor.  You can easily change your furniture, bedding, cushions, etc, and you don’t have to worry about spending the extra time and money shopping for new wall art.

Wall plaques

Wall Plaques – Photo Credit

Wall plaques and plates have been trending for a while.  These generally come in sets, although you can buy individual pieces.  I love the idea being able to mix and match and collage with a number of pieces on your wall, as opposed to hanging one large piece.  And because you can buy as many plaques as you want, you are able to hang them anywhere and with any layout you like.

The above set is actually a handmade set.  I love the variety of classic and contemporary patterns, and this set would really add a lot of color and modern appeal to a name.  I also like wall plaques featuring pictures from nature, such as birds and flowers, and I like the pieces that have words like “love” and “family.”

Three Piece Tree Art

Multiple Piece Art - Photo Credit

For the same reason that I love the wall plaques, I love multiple piece art.  I think any set of paintings that come in two or pieces are just very appealing to the eye, and the large image just draws you in.  This particular example features three traditionally shaped paintings that come together to make one painting, but as I was browsing, I found all sorts of pieces with varying shapes, and pieces turned in all directions.  But whatever style you like, I just think that it makes for a very bold and interesting presentation.

<wooden art

Rustic Wood Art – Photo Credit

Rustic Wood Art is very popular right now is, perhaps, my favorite trend.  I love pieces made with unfinished wood or wood that is made to look unfinished.  I’m also finding a lot of painted and antiqued wood.  I love the piece above for its shabby chic appeal.  It is such a great mix of modern, vintage, and rustic.  Very nice!

I’m also loving pieces made from recycled things like shutters, old signs, and even old tables.  Wood is such a great canvas, and right now artists are really making the most of it.  And the great news is that if you can’t find exactly what you are looking for, it’s very easy to get the stain, paint, or any other materials you need to create the piece you want.

What is your favorite trend in wall art or home decor right now?  Do you prefer to go out and buy something, or are you a DIY-er?



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