Soft Soap’s New Home Decor Collection – Dress Up Your Sink.

Softsoap Liquid Hand Soap Collection


Soft Soap is known for its moisturizing hand soaps and body washes.  Now they have a new  Liquid Hand Soap – Decor Collection line. This Decor Collection features lovely packaging to help dress up your sink.  It is like buying designer/specialty soaps without the designer price tag.  The line currently includes three scents.  They are:

  • Wild Basil & Lime
  • Orchid Petals & Mint Water
  • Peony & Plum

I think you will love this line.  The soaps have a great texture.  The colors and bottle design look a lot better than your average bottle of hand soap that you buy at the store, and with three great colors like these, it is easy to find something that could even blend in with your bathroom.  Our main bathroom is has green and purple decor, so these were perfect for me.  And I used the blue bottle in my kitchen, since I use primary colors there.

I just hope they will add more to this line later.  I would love to see a designer bottle in their Milk & Honey soap.

As for the scents of the current offerings these are fantastic.  They are unique and certainly better than your basic average soap smell.  The Wild Basil and Lime is a good scent.  I really like anything lime or citrus scented, so I really enjoyed this.

I also love the Orchid Petals and Mint Water because it has a very clean and light smell. It would be great for someone who wants to have something nice in their bathroom, but doesn’t want anything too fruity or flowery.

I think the Peony & Plum might be my favorite.  It has strong perfume-like smell.  I wish a matching lotion and spray to go with it!  If you have a “manly man” in your house who is not really in to the ultra-fragrant soaps, you may want to try one of the other two varieties.  But I believe all the ladies will LOVE the Peony & Plum.

Check out the soap section in your local market for these great new products from Soft Soap!


Disclosure: I received free products to facilitate this post. However, the opinions are my own.


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