Take a Journey in Style and Comfort with Gypsy Dharma

Gyspy Dharma BootsWinter is the season for leather clothing and boots.  Gypsy Dharma offers stylish and unique handmade clothing boots for lovers of rustic wear.  Made of the finest leather, Gypsy Dharma boots are not only a fashion statement, but also an accessory made for comfort.

I love wearing boots! They look great for just about any occasion and styles are available to go with just about any outfit.  But most boots are not made for a lot of walking, as they can hurt your feet and leave blisters.  One thing that sets Gypsy Dharma apart is their mission to make boots that leave you free (like a gypsy) for any journey or adventure (or maybe a day at the mall).

The boots are molded to your feet for the perfect fit and are made of a soft leather that feels good on your feet and will make you feel free to wear them throughout the day without worrying about discomfort and hurt feet.

Gypsy Dharma Black Boots

I love their brown and black boots!  They would go great with an outfit made of leather, suede, or denim, and the laces serve to not only give you a great fit, but they also look great.  I think the laces are a great touch that allow these boots to appeal to a variety of styles, whether you are in to Country Western and modern rustic wear or even urban wear and more eclectic styling.

Gypsy Dharma Red Boots


Their boots also come in a variety of other colors to help you express your unique style. This pair in red is immediately eye catching and would add flair to any outfit!

To check out these boots and more, please check out gypsydharma.com.


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