Gold Emblem Cookies & Coffee Review from CVS

Gold Emblem Cookies and Coffee


Did Santa eat all the Christmas cookies?  If so, you can replenish the stash with Gold Emblem Cookies from CVS!  I was very excited to get this latest holiday review pack from CVS.

It contained a cute Snow Man Cookie Plate, Christmas Card Box, a bag of Gold Emblem Roasted Hazelnut Coffee,  and three box of Gold Emblem Cookies: Maple Leaf Creme Cookies, Vanilla Bean Coffee Cookies, and Soft Baked Brownie Cookies.


These were all very delicious.  The minute you open the Maple Leaf Creme Cookies, you will swear you smell pancake syrup!  And who doesn’t love a good sandwich.

And if you like coffee flavored desserts, you will LOVE the Vanilla Bean Coffee Cookies.  I’m actually not really a coffee drinker, but I love coffee flavored sweets. (I know….I’m strange.)  So I rea lly enjoyed the cookies.  They are essentially a crunchy chocolate chip cookie with a hint of coffee flavor to them. Delicious!  I may have liked them a little better had they been a soft baked cookie, but I still loved them!

And I think my favorite of the three was the Soft Baked Brownie Cookies.  I obviously love brownies and anything chocolate, plus this cookie contained white chocolate chunks, add a little bit of light sweetness to the otherwise dark chocolate flavor.  And I also love that the cookies were soft batch just like a brownie!

Check your local CVS store for these and other Gold Emblem Cookies!

Gold Emblem Cookies


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