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With the holiday season coming up, we have a lot of shopping to look forward to, including grocery shopping.  You can save money on your weekly grocery bill and all holiday must-haves by shopping at ALDI.  I’ve been an ALDI customer for a few years, and I’m a huge fan of the chain.

Not only do they carry all the groceries I need, but their foods taste great, and they always save me a ton of money!


For those of you who are not familiar with ALDI, let me tell you exactly how they manage to offer their products at such low prices.   ALDI manages to keep customer costs down, by having low operational costs.  For example, customers pay a quarter for their shopping cart, and then they get their quarter back upon returning the cart.  This means the store does not have to pay employees to gather carts from the parking lot.  Customers also bring their own bags or purchase them from the store, and they bag their own groceries.  Again, this means the stores do not have to pay extra employees.

ALDI stores are also small in size, and their stores only operate during peak business, which means their utilities and other costs of operation are relatively low.  And with a small amount of space for stock, this means the store has to carry products that will move off the shelf quickly.

Aldi Groceries

But don’t let the store’s small size fool you.  ALDI actually carries a lot of awesome products and just about everything you and your family needs.  They have everything from meat and dairy items, fresh produce, frozen meals, canned and dry goods, bakery items, snacks, and more!

As an ALDI Ambassador, I received gift certificates for my family’s next few shopping trips, as well as some samples of popular ALDI items (see pic above).

Picture 240

Some of my favorite items to save money on each week at ALDI include milk, chicken breasts, hamburger meat, canned chicken, and red potatoes.  I also buy their stuffing mix on a regular basis.  A box is normally around 99 cents, well below the cost of a box at other markets, but this week they actually have it on sale for 69 cents a box!

I also love shopping at ALDI for my baking supplies.  This week they have chocolate chips for $1.69 a bag, and they have chopped walnuts for $3.99 for an 8 ounce bag and pecans for $3.49 for an 8 ounce bag.  Those kind of prices are practically unbeatable!


ALDI is a great place to go and stock up on your favorite staples and you are sure to save a lot of money on your weekly grocery bills if you shop there!


Disclosure: As an ALDI Ambassador, I was compensated and given ALDI gift certificates for writing this post. The opinions are my own.


  1. Sarah McConnell says

    How does one become an Aldi’s ambassador? They just opened up an Aldi’s here in my town a few months back and I enjoy shopping there compared to Wal-Mart.

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