How to Make Your Stairlift Work with Your Furnishings

Installing a stairlift isn’t something that we look forward to doing but it is an essential part of life when a member of the family approaches a certain age. Stairlifts may not be the most aesthetically pleasing pieces of kit around but they are important for making everyday life more manageable for the elderly or anyone who is finding it difficult to keep mobile day and night. However, I’m pretty sure that companies similar to Terry Lifts would do their best to make it as aesthetically pleasing as possible, not that it serves that purpose!

Stairlifts can really help to ease the problems of walking, back or hip pains and reduce the stress on our bodies once we reach that age. If you are installing a stairlift in your home, you’ll be pleased to know that today’s modern technology means that stairlifts are no longer ugly and eyesores that stand out in your hallway; there are many sleek and elegant choices today which can be harmonize with your existing décor.

Here are some tips on how to prepare your hallway and stair area for the new stair lift installation.

* Choose neutral colours – themed hallways can often clash with the look of a modern stairlift so to prepare your home for a stairlift installation, give your walls and floor a makeover with neutral tones, clean line and a simple design. A modern looking hallway is a good choice as stairlifts will harmonize better with your surroundings.

 * Improve on lighting – lighting is very important to your hallway because the more light you let in, the more spacious it will appear. Stairlifts are big and can often create a break in your room, making it feel much smaller than it actually is. Great lighting is a trick that creates the illusion of space and airiness. Glass doors or large window panels will let in extra light and mirrors are great for bouncing light around the room. For night time lighting, choose bright and clear rather than atmospheric.

 * Match your stairlift colours – using neutrals is a good rule of thumb tip for the hallway but if you want to help your stairlift blend in even more, you can use decorative items, soft furnishings and other interior design features to match the shades of your chosen stairlift. Paint your banister to match the exact stairlift colour or even consider a border that runs up the wall of the staircase. Decorative items such as rugs, canvas art or ornaments can even be used to colour match.

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  2. size and color really important for me in order to make sure the stair lifts will not make it “look bad” in my room, last time when I rent for 3 week as my father come to visit me, i was really picky with my selection. however, safety still come my first priority

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