Home Furnishings: How to Get Luxury for Less

Achieving the look of luxury in your home can be costly. But sometimes, choosing simple and classic furnishings that can be styled up to suit your more lavish desires can make more financial sense in the long run.

There are so many ways of getting luxury for less in the home; you just have to know how to be thrifty and clever with your budget.

Here are some fabulous ways of achieving the look of luxury with home furnishings.

1. Chair covers – an alternative to upholstery is using fabric chair covers. Upholstered chairs can be a huge expense, especially if you have your eye on the latest luxury fabrics. Some of the most prestigious fabric houses charge very high prices per metre.

2. Upcycle old furniture – go online if you are looking for an upcycling / DIY community to share your ideas with. Upcycling has become a huge furniture trend over recent years, with some boutiques charging high prices for their reworked furniture creations. Take inspiration from magazines and other resources to see if you can recycle anything in your home. You will be surprised at how unique and stylish it could look.

3. Spend money on decorative items – if you are on a tight budget but still want to achieve the look of luxury in your home, choosing simple yet high quality furniture then adding your own decorative touches could be much more cost effective than opting for extravagant feature pieces. Feature pieces with all the intricate trimmings can often tire with changing trends so simple furniture collections can often give you much better longevity.

4. Shop online for furniture – online furniture shops usually have lower overheads as they don’t need to cover the high costs of city centre shop rental. Many retailers, such as Top Furniture, have showrooms for those who want to see the furniture in person but with today’s amazing online ordering services, shopping online for affordable furniture couldn’t be easier.

5. Choose features from each room – pick a few key feature pieces for each room then spread the remaining budget on the rest of the room’s décor. So whether you want an extravagant chandelier light fitting to be your key piece, or you want to splash out on soft furnishings, every room should have a budget plan.

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