Decorating Tips for Rented Properties

We all want to put our stamp on the place we call home, rented or otherwise, but when it comes to renting a house or apartment, there are a few restrictions you may need to bear in mind.

Many believe that the look of your home, the way you keep your home and how clean and tidy it is, can reveal a lot about you. The colors you choose for the walls, the fabrics you choose for your curtains and the decorative items you scatter around your property, can all offer a glimpse into what you’re like as a person. So making your house a home is something that interests every one of us.

So what do you do if you are renting rather than buying? Today in big, cosmopolitan cities such as London, Paris or New York, renting luxury properties is extremely desirable. Ideal for those who are not yet ready to lay their hat down and commit to a mortgage, luxury rented apartments with character and style are hot on the market.

If you are renting, here are some decorating tips so that you can put your mark on your new abode:

* Choose neutral wall colors – some landlords are happy for their tenants to paint and wallpaper as long as they paint it back at the end of the tenancy, or choose neutral shades that can be appreciated when they next need to place the property on the rental market. Most landlords are very reasonable so it’s just a case of asking what can be done.

* Velcro hanging solutions – artwork is a quick and easy way of transforming the look of a rented apartment or house. Whether you love canvas art or photography, your home isn’t a home until it has some form of artwork in it. For rented properties, not all landlords are okay with drilling and nails. Velcro hanging solutions are readily available so you can keep your walls intact but still display frames and canvases.

* Throws and cushions – if your apartment has been furnished then you are probably stuck with a sofa that you didn’t choose. Whilst most luxury apartments will come with gorgeously neutral furniture, there may be some that don’t suit your taste. Cushions and throws are a quick way of hiding an ugly sofa print. They are also a cozy addition for the winter to keep you warm and comfortable.

* Rugs – unfortunately, rented apartments mean that you don’t get to choose the carpet or flooring. But a simple way of making the floor in your rented home feel a bit more ‘you’ is to add your favorite rug.

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  1. What great simple ideas. They make such a big difference and you get to personalize it to your taste.

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