The Trendy Boutique: Jewelry, Fashion Accessories, & More!

The Trendy Boutique Accessories


Here at Simply Sweet Home, we LOVE our sponsors, and I’m always excited to share them and their products with you.  The Trendy Boutique is an amazing site to visit; in fact, it’s hard for me to write about them because they have so many great items in stock, that I find it nearly impossible to narrow it down to just a few!

Trendy Boutique Glass Pendants


They always have a fine selection of jewelry in a variety of styles.  I absolutely love their personalized pendants, I think they’d make a great back to school accessories for kids and teens.  And then they also have lovely charm jewelry, photo jewelry, rings, and more!

Trendy Boutique Pashmina


And how cute is the Pashmina above?  Scarves and pashminas  are really in style right now, and The Trendy Boutique has a great collection of these to add to your fall and winter wardrobes!


Trendy Boutique Ipad Case


And The Trendy Boutique doesn’t stop at jewelry and fashion accessories.  They also have iPad cases and laptop cases.  I’ve been in the market for a new tablet myself, and I will, of course, have to have a cute case to go with it, and they have some that are extra girly and fashionable.

Trendy Boutique Cell Phone Cases


And you can also get a personalized case for your cell phone in some great colors and patterns.   Again, very fun and stylish!

Trendy Boutique Bag


And as always, The Trendy Boutique offers a beautiful collection of handbags and backpacks, and even gives you the chance to customize your bag with your choice of design and fabrics.

Trendy Boutique Chevron Watches


And I think everyone should have a watch!  The Trendy Boutique always has great deals on their silicone watches.  I have one of these myself in grey, and it looks really great!  Pictured above is their collection of Chevron watches. Aren’t they cute?  You can also get this array of colors with a solid face, as well as a smaller round face and a square face.

Go by The Trendy Boutique to see what else you can find for summer fun and back to school!  Also, follow them on Facebook,  Twitter, on their Blog, and on Pinterest.



Disclosure:  The Trendy Boutique is a paid sponsor on Simply Sweet Home. However, the opinions in this post are my own.  If you’d like advertise here, please check out my PR page and send an email to

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